Justin Bieber publicly embraces the Christian faith again after attending Bible study with Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. |

Justin Bieber recently embraced his Christian faith on and off when he was seen attending Pastor Judah Smith’s Bible study at the City Church in Los Angeles with former girlfriend Selena Gomez on Wednesday night.

The 20-year-old pop star has also been using her social media accounts lately to post faith-inspired tweets and Bible verses on Instagram. According to the UK-based The Mirror, Bieber is slowing down his lifestyle after he was involved in an altercation with actor Orlando Bloom after a night of partying in Ibiza, Spain last month.

“Every day we wake up God gives us new opportunities. Be better. Be awesome,” Bieber tweeted on Aug. 12. Two days later, he wrote, “God is good” and “Who is your anchor? God is good @judahsmith.”

Over the past year, Bieber has surrounded himself with spiritual mentors, including Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong New York, where the singer was baptized.

Earlier this year, Lentz noted that he helped Bieber overcome his behavior, which he is known to constantly struggle with.

“I love Justin, he’s a good boy. He’s trying to figure that out,” Lentz told CBN. “His behavior…you know, he finds out. What should we do?…People saying, ‘Is he even a Christian? With Justin, I tell people that grace and acceptance don’t mean approval. I can accept you as a human being and not approve of your actions. This is how we were loved. We love because we were first loved.

He added, “With Justin, it’s not my job to be his policeman. It’s my job to be a friend to him, and that’s all I am.”

Smith has also championed Bieber’s character in the past. At one point, the Seattle-based megachurch pastor made it clear he was advising the singer after allegations surfaced that Bieber slept with a Brazilian prostitute, disrespected the Argentine flag and illegally tagged a hotel wall, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I don’t envy the scrutiny he wears,” Smith said. “He lives a very blessed life, but with those blessings comes a lot of responsibility and expectation from people. Justin digs deep and finds out. … But he is an extraordinarily compassionate, considerate and loving person who is very loyal and committed to the people in his world. I wish more people would see that side of him.

Smith’s Bible studies in Los Angeles also attract Hollywood notables like actress Vanessa Hudgens, E! News anchor Jason Kennedy and Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette.


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