Jamie Lee Curtis bursts into tears after receiving incredible messages from Halloween fans


Jamie Lee Curtis was moved to tears afterwards Halloween fans thanked her for her legacy.

It was the role that made her a household name over four decades ago and all of that is coming to an end.

As the emotional press tour continues, the actor has had his fair share of heartbreaking moments, but his recent encounter with Halloween fans will make you cry like a baby.

Halloween shared a video on his Instagram, which showed the 63-year-old actor receiving video tributes from fans across the country.

The actor began to break down in tears shortly after the video tribute and was initially speechless.

However, the veteran actor has finally mustered enough power to thank his fans for their touching worlds.

She said: “It’s obviously hard, everything is hard to say goodbye and no one wants to say that. So, I won’t say that. I’ll just say thank you.”

She continued. “It’s a legacy that I’m very, very proud of and treat with great respect. So happy Halloween everyone, God bless you all.

“Thank you for everything.”

Credit: AFF/Alamy Live News

While the actress has achieved impressive milestones in her career, her legacy has been immortalized outside the famous TCL Chinese Theater, with her hands and feet cemented into the ground.

Shortly after the ceremony, Curtis reflected on the franchise and the impact Laurie Strode had on audiences.

Curtis said Variety“The universal understanding of Laurie Strode is that as the original ‘last girl’, she never gave up, always persevering no matter what. It’s beyond comprehension that this is my heritage.

Curtis also wrote an essay in PEOPLE noting that she will “miss” Laurie.

She said: “Over the years I’ve tried to instill those aspects of Laurie’s character into my own, to wear that mantle and represent survivors of every kind of unimaginable horror and trauma, pain and suffering, resisting tyranny and oppression – real and imagined.

Curtis added, “Life is scary. But Laurie taught me that life can also be beautiful, filled with love, art and life! Thank you all for MINE!”


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