Islam: where madness, misogyny and murderous messages come together


A FEW weeks ago, an Islamic scholar, Hussain Salafi from Kerala, India issued a stern warning to women: stay away from malls because (a) Allah does not like them and (b) they attract people who are “children of the Devil”.

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It was quite sweet compared to an earlier sermon by Maulana Swalih Bathery, above, a ‘famous’ Kerala cleric who claimed that women who venture out after 9pm are nothing but prostitutes and deserve to be be killed.

I know what’s on your mind, because I thought the same thing: “jeez, How old is it a pint-sized hate purveyor? »

In fact, Bathery is 27 years old and suffers from a condition called Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS) or “Benjamin Button” disease. It’s unbelievable that he lived that long because people with the disease usually don’t live past 20.

So he uses the extra time given to him by Allah to deliver sermons that advocate murder. or like this report said:

Absurdity is not the only strong point of Islamic clerics in Kerala. Some of them engage in blatant religious bigotry and misogyny to boot.

OpIndia reported that Bathery was speaking in defense of a convicted rapist and murderer when he referred to night ladies as “prostitutes”. A man named Govindachamy, a beggar and one-handed thief, raped and killed a woman named Soumya in 2011.

The cleric criticized the judgment and the judge who heard the Soumya case. According to Bathery, Govindachamy raped Soumya because she was traveling at night and deserved to be killed because she was “a prostitute”.

Soumya, who worked in a mall in Ernakulam, was attacked and robbed on her way home by train through Govindachamy when she was attacked. When she got off the train, she was hit on the head with a rock by her attacker and raped. She died five days later.

In 2016, Supreme Court overturned Govindachamy’s death sentence and reduced it to just a seven-year prison sentence for rape. The investigation failed to establish a watertight murder case against the accused.

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Back to Hussain Salafi, above. In his rant, he explained that malls offend Allah because they attract visitors and shoppers from “different cultures who all wear different kinds of dresses. They are the children of the Devil”. Malls also have beauty salons, and Muslims who visit them tarnish the image of the whole community.

Another “perverse effect” of malls, according to Salafi, is that men and women move freely together. This causes women to “look” at men.

He added the “fact” that Allah’s favorite places are mosques separated by sex.

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