Isaiah 41:10, the most popular Bible verse of 2020, Gospel Focus


Bible reading app YouVersion has released a report reviewing its stats for 2020, which show there were more than 52 million installs and half a billion verses shared, its highest ever.

The app has also had up to 22.4 million Bible App for Kids installs, over 1.4 billion planned days completed, over 7.5 billion Bible audio chapters read, and over 99 million videos viewed.

” Through thick and thin, people continue to seek God and turn to the Bible for strength, peace and hope“, Bobby Gruenewald, founder of YouVersion, said.

He pointed out that, “while 2020 is a year that many say they would like to forget, we see it as a year to remember how God used the Bible App to help so many people looking for answers”.

You Version also reported that the the most searched, shared and bookmarked verse in the world in 2020 was Isaiah 41:10“Do not be afraid, for I am with you;
do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will support you from my right right”. It was also the most read verse in 2018.

Additionally, “at the start of the year, people were most often searching the app for the year-ahead Bible plans, but by mid-March, as COVID-19 gathered pace, the the number one search term was fear. Soon after, the fastest growing search terms were words like peace, hope and faith as the pandemic continued,” the YouVersion founder explained.

According to Gruenewald, “These top search terms really show what weighed on the hearts and minds of people around the world at key times throughout the year. They reveal how people seek God as they struggle with the difficult circumstances they faced in 2020and that is something we can celebrate”.

The most searched, shared and bookmarked verse in the world in 2020 was Isaiah 41:10. /YouVersion.

The report also revealed the growth in the use of the Bible app in many countries with religious freedom for minority groupslike Christians, is threatened.

This is the case for India (with an increase of 23%), Nigeria (32%), Egypt (20%), Ethiopia (61%), the Democratic Republic of Congo ( 25%) and the Philippines (32%) among others.

“Discovering the Bible in your own language is a powerful gift, and we are eternally grateful to our partners who share our dream of creating the Bible for everyone,” Gruenewald emphasized.

Isaiah 41:10, the most popular Bible verse of 2020

Impact of the Bible app. /YouVersion.

Bible Reading Site Bible gateway presented very similar trends in its annual report. Since March, when the lockdowns started, verses on the subject of the pandemic and God’s healing of disease received about 90 times more requests than the average.

Regarding the best bible verses, John 3:16, followed by Jeremiah 29:11 were the 2 most popular verses in 2020, as in previous years. Meanwhile, 2 Chronicles 7:14 moved to number 3.

Searches for ‘fear’ and ‘fear not’ increased throughout 2020, with “fear” ranked 6th in Bible Gateway’s ranking of the most popular keyword searches. Meanwhile, “love” topped the list in both English and Spanish.


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