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A new non-profit association created to encourage Social Innovators has named its fourth class of Fellows who will receive $5,000 unrestricted grants and an invitation to tell their stories nationwide.

faith investedfounded in 2019 by Baptist pastor Amy Butler, seeks faith-rooted social innovators who strive to address systemic issues of justice in their communities while creating sustainable financial models.

The 17 grant recipients chosen to date are a diverse group of young innovators working in a variety of fields.

“In these times when hope seems hard to find, meeting these fellows and learning more about their work supports and encourages me,” said Butler, currently acting senior minister at the National City Christian Church in Washington, D.C. . “I am delighted to welcome this fourth class of Invested Faith Fellows.

The last group includes:

Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim, New Wine Collective, Burlington, Mass. Kim is the founder and director of this non-profit organization whose mission is to help heal the world through love and connection by making spiritual community accessible to all. New Wine creates an innovative online tool that facilitates face-to-face spiritual conversations and community.

Heather McDuffee and Pryness Favors

Heather McDuffee and Pryncess Favors, Creation @ The Edge, Colorado Springs, Colo. McDuffee and Favors are co-owners of this designer boutique that features products handmade by women. The shop helps fund women who have a passion for their craft and want to turn a side business into a small business. Founded during the pandemic to empower women who have left or been forced out of the workforce, often due to childcare or elder care issues, Creations @ The Edge helps women bridge the pay gap and achieve greater purpose and financial freedom.

Naz Georgas

Naz Georgas, Cordoba House Sunday School, New York. Georgas pioneered the creation of Cordoba House Sunday School, a weekend education program in New York City. The program was launched to meet the needs of growing American Muslim families seeking a Sunday education that is both authentically Islamic and relevant to contemporary American life. Founded in 2017 in collaboration with educators from Muslim and interfaith institutions, including the Brick Presbyterian Church, Cordoba House Sunday School has received awards for community empowerment and service to the education of children and young people.

Biff Chaplow

Biff Chaplow, EEqual, Denver. Chaplow is a parent, artist and economic justice activist. They are currently executive directors of this youth-led non-profit organization that works to ensure that homeless youth have equal access to higher education. EEqual believes housing is a human right, education is a human right, and intergenerational leadership is key to addressing these issues. EEqual takes a two-pronged approach to meeting student needs, providing direct resources to students experiencing homelessness and breaking the stigma around student homelessness by opening chapters across the country and developing programs and educational materials to address the challenge of youth homelessness.

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