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Ashley Thaba is an American, currently residing in Botswana. She has written three books, Conquering the Giants, Healthy Eating Cookbook and Dive In.

Ashley Thaba will be remembered by many from her Conquering the Giants, which is a heartbreaking tale of the traumatic birth of her son. Many also follow his Mom to Mom Facebook page: Parenting Consultations.

Many of us have the Holy Bibles or two in our homes, but we hardly ever consult it, and some are overwhelmed, not knowing where to start. Ashley Thaba’s latest book, Dive In, is an in-depth Bible study guide that simplifies Bible study for study groups or individuals who may have had difficulty reading the scriptures in the sacred book.

The author, in his five-chapter book, begins by sharing his “personal Bible study trip”. Without necessarily criticizing the authors who write books on the Bible, Ashley, in her book, encourages people to actually study the Bible. The chapter recounts her rich and interesting journey which took her away from reading books written on the subject, for reading the “unique book written by God”.

“As a high school student interning at a church in South Florida one summer, I decided to give up the Bible books and just teach kids to study the Bible” (page 5).

The author goes on to show why it is important to study the Bible rather than studying modern Christian authors writing on spiritual topics.

“My goal is not to criticize or discredit these authors, as many of their books have encouraged and challenged me over the years, but rather to spell out certain benefits, which may lead you to a paradigm shift. in how you choose your Bible study materials. », Explains the author in his introduction (page 5).

The book promotes self-reliance in establishing and growing one’s relationship with God, it also emphasizes that, contrary to the perceptions of some people, not everyone can read and understand the Holy Bible.

The fourth chapter of the book contains different verses from the Bible.

“After promoting the Bible as a book worth studying, I dive in and take you verse by verse through a Bible book to teach you practically HOW to read the Bible for yourself. and get something out of it, ”says the author. .

The chapter includes a student’s study and a facilitator’s study, “which include notes that would help a facilitator guide a study group conversation by providing talking points after each verse.”

Those interested in purchasing the book, who do not reside in Gaborone, can order the book through the author’s Facebook page Mom to Mom: Parenting Consultations.


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