Holy Monday 2022 Bible Verses and Messages: Holy Week HD Images, WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Quotes, Telegram Photos and Sayings during Passion Week in Christianity


It’s Holy Monday today. Holy Monday 2022 falls on April 11 after Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday on April 10. According to Christian religious texts, on this day Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day after Jesus was crucified and is observed by all followers of Jesus Christ. While devotees consider this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter Sunday, Holy Monday or Great Monday, is the third day of Holy Week. According to the Gospels, on this day Jesus Christ cursed the fig tree, cleansed the holy place, and responded to the questioning of his authority. In Eastern Christianity, after Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday, Holy Monday is observed and the second day of Holy Week in Western Christianity, after Palm Sunday. Here is a collection of Holy Monday 2022 Images, Blessed Holy Monday Photos, Holy Monday 2022 Messages, Bible Verses, Psalms, Facebook Quotes, Statuses and more to observe the day. What days of Holy Week 2022 should you wish? Know the proper way to extend greetings and quotes to mark the spiritual occasion in Christianity.

Holy Monday is the second day of Holy Week, just after Palm Sunday. This is the second day that Jesus was in Jerusalem, and the Bible records that he gave a variety of teachings and debated with religious leaders during Holy Monday and the following day (Holy Tuesday). Easter Sunday is the main holiday celebrated after Good Friday in Christianity. This year, Easter Sunday will be celebrated on April 17. On Good Friday, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is remembered. On the other hand, their happiness is doubled on Easter Sunday, because people believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected on the third day of Good Friday, the Sunday after Good Friday.

It is also written in the Bible that after being resurrected, that is, 40 days after Easter Sunday, Jesus Christ lived on earth. During this time he taught the disciples the lessons of love and compassion, after which he went to heaven. Here we bring you Holy Monday 2022 Bible messages and quotes to mark the great and holy Monday. These HD Holy Monday images, greetings and sayings can be shared via Facebook, Telegram, Signal, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Holy Monday Messages (Photo Credits: file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: Monday Blessings. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” (Matthew 5:6)

Holy Monday Quotes (Photo Credits: file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: Monday Blessings. Oh, how men would give thanks to the Lord for his goodness, And for his wonders to the children of men! (Psalm 107:15)

Holy Monday HD Images (Photo Credits: file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: Holy Monday! “And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to him, and found nothing there but leaves, and said to him, Never let any fruit grow on you again forever. And soon the fig tree withered (Matthew 21:19, KJV)

Holy Monday and Holy Week messages (Photo Credits: file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: Have a beautiful day and a blessed holy week. Remember that Jesus gave his life for you

Holy Monday Messages (Photo Credits: file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: Monday Blessings. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:6 KJV) Have a blessed week

Holy Monday Quotes (Photo Credits: file image)

The WhatsApp message reads: Monday Blessings. May mercy, peace and love be multiplied (Jude 1:2) Have a blessed day. Amen

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The Lord Jesus Christ is said to be the Messiah of love and peace. The Lord Jesus, who gave the message of love and compassion to the world, was hanged on the cross and for this reason people remember the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus on Good Friday, however, the Lord Jesus was resurrected three days after this incident, that is to say Easter Sunday.

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