High School Student Struggling With Anxiety Finds Peace After Reading Bible Verse


A high school student struggling with worries and anxiety finds peace after reading the Bible and clinging to God’s Word no matter what she feels.

A high school student struggling with anxiety

Once in Faith Eilertson’s life, worry became her friend. Growing up, she constantly worried about many things, especially the loss of a loved one. She also often worried about the difficulties their family would face. These pessimistic thoughts began to weigh on the teenager’s life. It invaded his mind.

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Faith’s father worked as a marine. Therefore, she constantly feared that he would never come back one day. Then it got worse when she reached seventh grade and learned that her brother’s best friend had died in an accident. The tragic loss scared her even more.

Later, after six months, Faith’s grandmother also died. The loss triggered the anxiety she struggled with because she was so close to her.

“It invaded my mind, my actions, my thoughts, what I did, what I let myself do,” said the teenager.


For this reason, Faith often cried herself to sleep. Constant fear and anxiety guided his life for many months. Until the teenager decided to join the worship team at his local church. It was then that God began to work in her heart as she realized the great love of God.

Faith began to spend time reading God’s Word and praying. She has made it her goal to develop her relationship with God. And as she constantly sought God in prayer, worship and reading the scriptures, the teenager for the first time experienced real comfort.

So, it was not long, and Faith abandoned all her worries and anxieties to God.

“He [God] took care of me and He is ready to take it,” she said. “I could throw that burden on him.

And a specific scripture that God led to faith finally set him free. Watch what happened in the video below.

Reference | YouTube – Club 700 Interactive

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