Here’s What the Trump Cabinet Bible Study Learns: Leader Responds to Attacks


WASHINGTON, DC – Since CBN News revealed that members of President Donald Trump’s cabinet meet weekly to pray and study the Bible, the pastor who leads them has come under attack. Now he is responding to claims that he says are patently false.

Ralph Drollinger believes the attack stems from a serious misunderstanding of what is being taught, or maybe even something simpler.

“Maybe it’s because Christians are gaining new territory, maybe that’s the end result of it all,” Drollinger told CBN News.

Drollinger, the founder of Capitol Ministries and one of America’s most influential pastors, has been the subject of a number of personal and professional attacks since CBN News first reported in July his last Bible study in Washington.

The attacks include labeling Drollinger as a “Christian nationalist,” or someone who wants to establish Christian rule over government, creating a Christian theocracy that replaces civil law.

Drollinger says this is totally wrong.

Synonyms for Christian nationalism, he says, are “Christian Dominionists”, “Christian Reconstructionists” and “Christian Theonomists.”

“Jesus and the apostles never talk about building Christian nations, they talk about building the kingdom of God,” says Drollinger.

He just published an 11-page Bible study titled “Understanding the Mistake of Christian Nationalism” to provide more clarity.

“Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism, theonomy is very scary to the layman and rightly so, but since we are not trying to change the form of government we are just trying to build men and women in Christ – they are not trying to change the form of government. ‘really have no basis in their fears,’ he said.

Drollinger leads cabinet members in a verse-by-verse Bible study and also gives them a lesson that he personally writes each week. All of his Bible studies are available on the Capitol Ministries website.

The weekly rally has angered some atheists who have filed Freedom of Information Act requests with agencies headed by cabinet members who attend to find out whether government resources are being used for Bible study or if staff are required to attend.

Drollinger says these are reasonable concerns, but totally unfounded.

“In fact, we meet before the start of the working day at 7 am and the staff are not invited, so no staff are forced to come to a Bible study, it is certainly to on your own, a cabinet member introduces himself, “he explains.

Ethics rules cap gifts for cabinet members at $ 10, and Drollinger says he’s very careful to keep the cost of any food or drink he provides below the cap.

The fact that the cabinet Bible study raised so many eyebrows is surprising given that within two miles of Pennsylvania Avenue, the House and Senate open each session in prayer, both houses employ chaplains funded by the United States. taxpayers and Drollinger runs weekly Bible studies with members of both houses – something he has been doing for years.

In fact, Drollinger personally believes that taxpayers shouldn’t be the ones footing the bill for chaplains and their staff.

“I really think the 501C3 should pay for all of the ministry’s work on the Capitol campus,” he says.

He adds false labels of “Christian nationalism” against him and others are simply an effort to marginalize Christian leaders.

“I think if you can make the voting population fear that the members of the White House cabinet, given that there are so many Christians, they get together behind closed doors every week to study the Bible and they are preparing a Christian overthrow of the country – creating fear in the electoral population, ”he said,“ But I can state publicly that we are not doing this at all. their calling. ”

“We are so that all religions can compete with each other for the soul of men and that does not pose any problem to us”, he concludes.


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