‘Hammer that guy to the cross’


According to the EEOC, “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 prohibits employers from discriminating against individuals on the basis of their religion (or lack of religious belief) when hiring, firing, or otherwise. other condition of employment “. With the holidays approaching, businesses are gearing up for alternate hours and / or limited staff. Some, unfortunately, lost their jobs for various reasons, including religious beliefs.

A Redditor said an approved day off to observe the winter solstice resulted in a sudden termination.

“I am / was a waiter at a small family restaurant, not part of a chain,” wrote the Redditor known as u / antbarry in the “Antiwork” forum. “At the beginning of December I offered to work at Christmas and Christmas Eve if I could have all day today (winter solstice). The manager was happy to agree . “

u / antbarry said the manager would have been at work at 3pm until closing time, “which would ruin my plans for my solstice celebration.” The poster did a bit of super sleuthing about who canceled, but found out something else entirely.

“Everyone except me received a 50.00 Christmas bonus on last Friday’s check,” they wrote. “I messaged the manager and he told me I didn’t get the Christmas bonus,” “because there is no Christmas for you, you will get a lot of $$ in. working those two days, an opportunity that other staff members don’t have. “Then he reminded me that I had to be logged in and ready to go by 3 p.m. I told him I had time off today and would see him tomorrow at 3 p.m. for work.”

u / antbarry may not have planned on losing their job that day, but things have changed.

“He replied that if I did not work tonight I would be laid off. I said I had time off tonight and would not come home, and he replied ‘Psalms 14: 1, you’re fired, we won’t miss a fool. So now I’m baking a batch of cookies to go to my party tonight, and I’m thinking of work, not work. “

Open bible on a white table in front of the Christmas tree, lit by Christmas lights.
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The post took off, garnering over 30,000 upvotes in five hours. Of the 2,500 comments, many offered wise advice on how the poster should proceed.

“It seems to me to be a clear case of religious discrimination. File a complaint with the EEOC. And of course also file an unemployment claim,” PMProfessor said.

Abolish-Dads agreed saying, “Honestly. Everyone mentioned that the bible verse is ridiculously rude and immature, but OP was very clear that today was a holiday for them and then they went. been fired with a bible verse effectively calling them a fool for not being a Christian! They might as well have texted “we’re firing you because of your religious affiliation” and speeded it up. “

“Open and closed business, really. Especially if everything is by text. Religion, sex and politics are three things I never talked about at work, mainly out of respect for others but also for this type of situation. @op: google a local labor attorney, give them a snapshot that says what happened and it’s in the text. They should take this with the contingency of a settlement or judgment because it ‘s in the text. is so simple. Then let them start the process with the eeoc. Meanwhile, file an unemployment claim. You got that! ” Natzfan19 wrote.

Psychosmith666 added: “F ***** g HAMMER this guy to his cross.”

“This is a case of religious discrimination. You could … (pardon the pun …) crucify the guy for this, courtesy of your local Department of Labor,” MacSpoone said. .


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