Good news: Bible verse relay


Reverend Doug Forbes

The Bible Verse Relay Game can motivate your class members to memorize Bible passages, and it’s a lot of fun too.

Psalm 119: 11 says, “I have hid your word in my heart so that I will not sin against you. This means that memorizing the word of God will help us make positive decisions and avoid wrong or dangerous behavior. In addition, remembering passages from the Bible in difficult times can be a comfort to us. Reviewing Psalm 23 in my mind has been especially helpful in times of crisis.

For the Bible Verse Relay game, you need Bibles, Bible Concordances, 3×8 inch white boards, and a black marker.

Have your students use their Bibles and concordances to find Bible verses they would like to memorize. Allow time for each student to share their findings. As a group, select a Bible verse for each month to memorize. Study a verse each week for a month, and make sure your students can cite it from memory with the reference. At the end of the month, select a new verse to memorize. Take some time to review verses from previous months.

After your class has memorized several verses, organize a Bible verse relay game. Write each verse the class studied on a poster board with the verse on one side and the reference on the other.

Divide the youth into two teams and have each team line up in a straight line and name the person in front of the captain. Shuffle the cards with the reference side up. Show the reference side of the card so the captain can see it and ask him to quote the verse. If they do it right, they go to the back of the line. If they are wrong with the verse, they stay in the lead. Go back and forth between each team until a captain reaches the front of the line. This team wins!

You can offer a small prize to the winning team. Once you have started you can repeat the game every month.

Reverend Doug Forbes coaches a ski and snowboard team in the Easton, Middleboro and Bridgewater area. He would like to thank Eleanor Doan for her invaluable help in this activity.


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