Furious customer leaves cars with angry messages outside a Land Rover dealership


A man who had a falling out with a car dealership is now refusing to move a number of vehicles he left outside with angry messages affixed to them.

Michael Cox parked a van, caravan and other vehicles outside the Cardiff Land Rover dealership because he believes the car company failed to honor a warranty agreement he had with them on a car which he bought four years ago, and wants the rest of the world to know.

Cox has now left the Range Rover and the other vehicles outside and at the dealership for weeks and won’t get rid of them.

They’re also parked legally, so there’s not much the dealership can do about that.

As you can see, he makes his point known. Credit: Wales Online

The 36-year-old says he took out an extended warranty on an eight-year-old Range Rover he bought in 2018 but has since had numerous issues with the car.

The engine failed in December, and that seems to have been the final straw for him.

He claims Land Rover reneged on the deal.

On the dealer’s side, he said he was investigating the matter.

On the side of the cars he put messages such as ‘Don’t buy a Land Rover!’ They don’t honor their warranty.

He also has one that says: “How can Thierry Bolloré – the CEO of Land Rover – come to this?”

Cox now says he has received an injunction ordering him to get rid of the vehicles by Saturday – however, he has a plan for that.

He says he will just move them to another dealership if he has to move them.

He said Wales online“I said to Land Rover HQ, I’m going to move it to all your dealerships and make a point, because what you’re doing is wrong.

“I had to send this car to the dealer eight times because of the coolant problem, the engine blew because of the coolant problem and they are trying to blame me.

“It’s not like I took it to a street garage, I took it back to the main dealership.

“They need to stop bothering people and instead give them the service they expect to get.

“In my case, they’re just trying to back down now and use excuses. It’s ridiculous.”

The vehicles are right in front of the Land Rover dealership.  Credit: Wales Online
The vehicles are right in front of the Land Rover dealership. Credit: Wales Online

He continued: “For the last couple of years I’ve bought a premium warranty which costs £2,000 a year.

“But since I’ve owned the vehicle, bearing in mind it’s only done 42,000 miles, it’s been back and forth to major dealerships with a coolant problem.

“I took it to the main dealer about eight to ten times and they never fixed the problem.

“The problem came back last December, and two days before Christmas they called and said my car was ready.

“The next morning the cooling light came on again, so I went back to them and talked about it.

“They told me it was probably an airlock and I had to fill up with water, and if I had any other problems I should come back in the new year.

“Well, at Christmas, the engine blew up.

“I brought him back in early January and asked if they were going to replace him, but they said no.

“They said I drove it because it was hot. But they told me to drive it, I’m not going to blow up my own car for fun.”

Cox also claimed he had received a lot of support from the public since his protest.

He said: “I’ve had a huge amount of support from him, social media-wise.

“People have offered to lend me their vehicles and help me pay for the wrap. People have even offered to leave vehicles there for me – the other day a friend of mine wanted put a 40 foot trailer on it.

“A friend of mine was driving down Hadfield Road and he watched them put the blanket on. He called me and asked if I wanted him to take it off, so obviously I said yes.”

A Land Rover spokesman said: “Land Rover always aims to provide the best possible customer service. We are currently investigating this matter and are in regular contact with the affected customer.”


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