FBI: hackers compromised messaging system and sent fake messages


Hackers targeted the FBI’s email system over the weekend and sent tens of thousands of official-looking emails warning of a cyberattack, according to the bureau.

The emails came from @ic.fbi.gov and warned people of a “threat actor” in their systems.

On Sunday, the FBI blamed a software misconfiguration that temporarily allowed someone to leverage the law enforcement enterprise portal it uses to communicate with state and local partners.

“While the illegitimate email originated from a server operated by the FBI, this server was dedicated to sending notifications for LEEP and was not part of the FBI’s corporate email service,” the bureau tweeted, adding that hackers were unable to compromise data on its network. “Once we learned of the incident, we quickly patched the software vulnerability, warned our partners to ignore the fake emails, and confirmed the integrity of our networks.”

A security monitoring group, Spamhaus, released a screenshot of the emails which shows a meandering, technical message warning of cyberattacks by a guy named Vinny who is linked to an extortion gang.

The signature at the bottom suggests the fake email is from the US Department of Homeland Security.


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