Family ‘frightened and disturbed’ after clown painting with Bible verse appears in back garden


A BELFAST family have been left ‘frightened and unsettled’ after a concrete slab painted with a clown’s face and a Bible message appeared in their back garden.

The bizarre stone features a clown wearing a hat and holding a candle, and a Bible verse is written on the back.


The strange slab appeared in the family’s front yard

Owner Mark said his wife found the painting last week when she returned from work with her two daughters mid-afternoon.

After receiving a photo of the painting from his “frightened” wife, Mark told her not to touch the slab until he got home from work.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: “My wife was obviously scared.

“Someone should have come through our gate and down the steps to place it there – and deliberately place it so that it faces the window for us to see.”

The situation became even stranger when Mark discovered a biblical inscription on the back of the slab when he lifted it, reading “Let your light shine, Matthew 5:16”.

The verse refers to “glorifying your Heavenly Father” and is used to call people to show kindness to others.

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Mark said: ‘We contacted friends and family to see if it was part of a prank.

“I checked with the neighbors to see if they had seen anything similar, but it was just us.”

Mark said that although he and his wife found the incident disturbing, he did not report it to the PSNI.


He said: ‘We ended up throwing it in the trash and telling our kids, who are both under five, that it was a silly picture.

“The most disturbing thing is why [it was done]. Why specifically our property?

“We have no idea who would do this, but with two kids at home, it’s so unsettling.”

Meanwhile, people were stunned last year by a seemingly paranormal figure caught in Galway – with many claiming to have seen a woman.

Paranormal group Supernatural Investigations Ireland captured the image during a paranormal investigation on Friday at Ross Errilly Friary, Headford, Co Galway, where several tragic events are believed to have taken place.


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