Everyone Can Hear God’s Messages


It has been such a strength to know that there is no age limit before we can hear God’s thoughts. And that also comforted me as a parent.

Christian Scienceexplained in “Science and Health with the Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy, teaches that anyone can learn that God, who is divine Mind, thinks up each of His own spiritual ideas. These spiritual ideas include all of us as an offspring, or spiritual expression, of the Divine. And the grace of God imparts everything we need to prosper.

This truth began to dawn on me when I was a child. One day my little sister and I were left in the family car while my mother had a quick run through a house with a long, steep driveway. I unintentionally hit something which caused the car to roll down the steep driveway, cross the road and head towards a fence and the landing stage beyond.

I remember having a clear thought: “This car box stop!” I slammed my foot on the brake and he stopped before he could crash through the fence.

When my family discussed the incident with friends, the question was always asked, “How did she know how to do this?” So I thought about that too. Later in life, when I discovered Christian Science, I realized that the divine intelligence that is God speaks to every conscience, every moment. This divine inspiration guides us and protects us from the apparent effects of human error. Our job is to be receptive to it, and we are all inherently capable of that.

Bible stories encourage us to look to God to know that we are worthy and secure because we are spiritually created and nurtured. We can hear and understand the intelligent good that the Bible—including the teachings of Jesus Christ—points us to because that divine goodness is a law, as Christian Science teaches. One law for all.

No intermediary is needed for God’s messages to be heard. Each of us is capable of hearing and understanding – without age limits, without extenuating circumstances. Our God, our divine Parent, loves his children – and lets us know it.

Adapted from September 16, 2022, Christian Science Daily Lift podcast.


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