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Example: DAY 1: What you need to know about spiritual warfare
I am at war. I wrote these five words in large letters at the bottom of my dry erase calendar many years ago after a strong revelation that the invisible realm is raging with spiritual enemies who intend to kill, steal and destroy my life. Paul warns us in 2 Corinthians 2:11 not to ignore the devil’s strategies. We must know our enemy, know our God, and know who we are in him, but we must also equip ourselves with revelations on how to overcome the enemy of our souls. If you ignore the devil, the war does not end. If you focus only on Jesus, it does not make you immune to war. Yes, we should definitely be more God-centered than demon-centered. However, if the apostle Paul wrestled with principalities and powers, who are we to think that ignoring this reality will stop demonic attacks? The ravages on the earth – diseases, illnesses, murders, immorality, etc. – are not the will of God. Jesus spoiled principalities and powers. But the word spoiled does not mean “castrated and rendered impotent.” Jesus plundered the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of darkness and all the principalities and powers that inhabit it have lost their authority over the born-again believer. But we still have to uphold the rule of law of the kingdom on earth.
**Through these daily readings, find rest in the midst of spiritual storms, break the power of Satan’s devices, and live a life of victory. Jennifer LeClaire shows you how to adopt an offensive rather than defensive position against the enemy.


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