Eminem’s Verse On DJ Khaled’s “USE THIS GOSPEL” Goes Full K-LOVE


Friday, DJ Khaled dropped GOD HAS MADE, a sprawling 18-track ode to many things, including how great it is to be DJ Khaled and how grateful he is to God for the honor. Khaled said he was a devout Muslim, and many of the tracks here reflect a gospel-tinged pivot to the Kanye’s recent move.

Speaking of Kanye, he appears with Eminem for the remix of “USE THIS GOSPEL”, in which the two rappers spend 3 minutes and 43 seconds rapping about how their faith in God protects them and gives them hope. . It’s got as much K-LOVE energy as any song could have, and it’s from the Real Slim Shady. “So my saviour, I call to rescue me from these depths of despair,” he raps. “So these demons better walk like a staircase nbecause he is my shepherd, I am armed with Jesus, my weapon is prayer. And then, later, “The Bible by my side like a gun with a gift from God / Every day I thank God for, that’s why I pay homage to Jesus so much, I always will.”

And so on. Other than a use of the word “F’d” (and it literally says “eff’d”), this is suitable for your next Sunday service. Check it out below. You can play it with the kids! In front of your grandmother! No helmet needed!

Lest you doubt it, here’s Eminem’s verse in full, via Rap Genius:

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I’m holding on (Yeah) but I don’t know if I can take it any longer
Today is the day I put all my trust and faith in you, Father
Please let this hate make me stronger
‘Before they come after me like a zombie
It’s like I’m strangled unconscious (Yeah)
When the temptation is almost like Satan makes you try
Get away from your daughters
Danglin’ ​​a bunch of painkillers on ya
Wave ’em in your face and watch ’em come with extra strength
And that’s why they make them in rectangular objects
‘Cause it’s shaped like a coffin
Although it’s not medicine this time
But the devil encourages me
And I won’t let them break me ’cause I’m a soldier
You can bank on this promise like the Chamber of Commerce
So my savior, I call
To save me from these depths of despair
So these demons better walk like a staircase
Because he is my shepherd
I am armed with Jesus, my weapon is prayer
As soon as I squeeze it, I’m blessed like sneezes
Call me Yeezus, I’m crazy in my head, maybe I’m crazy
Anyway, I never claimed to be flawless
As long as the mistakes I’ve recognized

Y’all would like me to say something positive
Well, okay, so I’m positive
They prefer to trade the weather with Mayweather
‘Cause they’d fare much better with those odds
That they would trade bars
Or trade bars with Shady and is probably painfully obvious
Compare piety to an atheist
But I got ’em raving (Woo) in the middle of my bickering
I got a genius inspiration to drop ’em, leave ’em
Pen and paper, I knock ’em out
I woke up on stage at a concert
The whole place looks like a mosh pit
Bible by my side like a gun with a gift from God
Every day I thank God for
That’s why I pay so much homage
Praise be to Jesus, I will always be

Yeah, that wasn’t on our bingo card for the year either, but there’s no point staring a gift horse in the mouth, as they say. The Real Slim Shady defends Jesus. Shia LeBeouf is Catholic. MIA was born again. Some interesting trends among celebrities these days.


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