Doug Casey on Class Warfare, the “Eat the Rich” Feeling, and What Happens Next


international man: Politicians looking for ways to fund their extravagant spending are increasingly complaining that the wealthy aren’t paying their “fair share.”

It is a moving trend that is accelerating. This growing anti-wealth sentiment seems to be leading the United States into dangerous territory.

Our friend Rick Rule once said, “Eat the rich? Prepare to starve.

What is your opinion?

Doug Casey: In the past, government apologists liked to say that you should tax the rich to help the poor. This is no longer the case. No one in America is starving. Even the poor have flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and refrigerators. The poor live better than medieval royalty.

What happens is the institutionalization of envy, a terrible vice. It’s different from jealousy.

Jealousy says, “You have something I want. I want one too. Give it to me.”

Envy says, “You have something I want. If I can’t have it, I’ll destroy it, so you can’t have it either. Envy is the moral flaw that underlies all socialist economic theories. Socialist sentiments and morality underpin the economic lies, racial hatred, class hatred, gender antagonism, and political polarization that tear America and the West apart. Envy and socialism have become secular religions. The country has been divided into two different and mutually antagonistic worldviews.

It is a matter of knowing what is good and what is bad, what is good and what is bad. It is not a question of economy, of what is most productive. It’s a much more serious division. It is a religious war between the left, which wants to overthrow and transform society, and the right, which more or less wants to maintain traditional values, but without any real ideology.

The left comes up with all sorts of outrageous, destructive and downright stupid ideas. Free stuff for everyone. Not just the food, shelter, schooling and medical care provided at the expense of the producers – which they have essentially achieved. But now a guaranteed annual income. Everyone is supposed to make a thousand dollars a month, according to stupid moron and aspiring US President Andrew Yang. They won’t have to do anything, just exist, probably hanging out at Starbucks playing with their iPhones all day. They will truly be what Yuval Noah Harari, the court intellectual of the World Economic Forum, has called a permanent class of wasteful eaters.

At some point, however, people who work, create, produce and believe in traditional values ​​will react. Perhaps they will explode in a violent counter-revolution. Maybe they’ll quietly strike, like Ayn Rand’s heroes did in “Atlas Shrugged.” Or maybe they will turn around and be turned into serfs – which the elite would prefer and expect. But something nasty is happening around here.

international man: What do you think of the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents as part of this trend?

Doug Casey: These people are not recruited just to collect taxes, although that is absolutely one of the things they will do. They will amount to a national police force, which has a different mandate than the FBI, ATF, DEA or other Praetorian agencies. Tax authorities have the right to watch any economic activity anywhere and everywhere.

On a moral level, they will try to turn non-payment of taxes by producers into a crime against society. I shudder to think of the type of amoral creatures recruited – with big salaries and with immense powers – to investigate the lives of their compatriots. They will be exactly analogous to the Gestapo or the German Stasi.

These new IRS agents will have little to do with the poor. The poor are increasingly irrelevant, except for their votes. As has been the case throughout history, the uneducated lower classes basically do day-to-day work. They are mainly interested in bread and circuses, and that is what they will get. Their numbers are increasing in this country for the first time.

The new IRS agents won’t have much to do with the elite either; they can afford tax lawyers and accountants to fend them off. They will take a few victims for show and for the sake of “fairness”, but the elite are the main beneficiaries of the hundreds of billions of dollars the government pours into society. All of this will be paid for by the middle class, the people who produce and save.

These new tax officials are a direct attack on the middle class. The elite hate the middle class and what it represents: independence, stability and traditional values. The fact that they double the size of the tax font is truly extraordinary. As the economy continues to decline, you can expect class warfare, as well as race and sex warfare, to increase.

As I explained last week, this is an important part of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Hundreds of billions of dollars that the government will spend on its Cut Inflation Act will be funded – intentionally – by the creation of new dollars.

The reason they say it’s “reducing inflation” is that the same number of dollars will theoretically be taken out of society through taxes. The new dollars will be placed with the people and businesses the government loves. They say it won’t be inflationary because the same number of dollars will be taken out of the economy from people and businesses they don’t approve of. So theoretically the net number of dollars in society will stay the same and the general price level will stay the same because the money supply will stay the same.

This is their economic argument. But the moral argument is much more important. MMT allocates hundreds of billions to those the left approves of and will take as much away from the middle class through taxes. It’s devilishly clever. As I said, this amounts to a religious war because the people behind MMT are actually evil.

Unfortunately, “evil” is a word that has been discredited; people don’t take it seriously anymore. It has been overused by emotional and often corrupt preachers of the Bible, hell and brimstone. But evil really exists. Evil is the intentional act of destroying something good.

international man: With financial markets falling and the purchasing power of the US dollar falling, many people are feeling poorer and looking for someone to blame.

What is your opinion on this dynamic and how it could affect the political situation?

Doug Casey: The speech Biden gave on September 1 was intended to be shocking and disturbing. He was imitating a scene from V for Vendetta Where 1984. They went out of their way to have Biden deliver it to Philadelphia, where the United States was founded, and use red lighting on a dark background for fan emotions. These people are serious. Biden’s words were full of hate and venom, calling half the country an enemy – the speech was unprecedented. It was a clear warning and threat.

Look at the scene. The red background was above. Placing some Marines in the background says, “I have power, and I will use it against the enemy. Theatrics like these are unprecedented. This was tantamount to a declaration of civil war. It was followed by the outrageous raid on Trump’s home and the FBI perp paraded around 50 of his prominent supporters, with dawn raids the following days.

These people really want to overthrow society. They are actually a reincarnation of the Jacobins and could prove just as violent and dangerous.

They work to create an active environment of class struggle in the United States. They have succeeded in fomenting racial hatred, where people do not identify as human beings but as people of color and anti-white. And sexual warfare, where people are no longer either men or women – albeit a few with varying degrees of aberration – but as one or more of the 50 or 60 genders.

These people hate the middle class, with its traditional cultural and religious values. This is why Trump is so popular and why they identify with him. It’s not because many of his ideas are particularly good; he is essentially a populist without a philosophical center.

The elite and would-be elitists hate Trump because he is a cultural traditionalist. These people want to overthrow the traditional culture itself and eliminate the middle class. In the ideal world of the WEF types, the vast majority of people, the deplorables, would be serfs and the kulaks serve the nomenklatura reigning at the top, assisted by their apparatchiki.

I know that sounds outrageous, but that’s what they think. We have seen this before in history when left-wing intellectuals take control of real power, the state apparatus. They really want to overthrow the very basis of civilization. The Jacobins in revolutionary France, the Bolsheviks in Russia, the Nazis in Germany, the Maoists during the Great Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It can happen anywhere when the conditions are right. This seems to be happening now in the United States and other Western countries.

Hope it blows. But don’t plan your life around it…

international man: Historically, the size and power of the middle class have made the United States different from other countries.

But now the American middle class is shrinking and feeling squeezed.

Where is this trend going and what can the average middle class person do about it?

Doug Casey: What was the average man supposed to do when the Jacobins brought out the guillotines in France in 1793? What should an average bourgeois have done in Russia in 1917? What should an average bourgeois have done in Germany in 1933?

There’s not much you can do when the real forces of evil are in control. There’s very little you can do other than get out of Dodge.

Here in the United States, we still have a large middle class. Many are fat, stupid, brainwashed or addicted to Prozac and Zoloft. But millions more are, to coin a phrase, crazy as hell and just can’t take it anymore. The things we talked about could turn into a real civil war.

What to do? Diversify your political skills. Don’t turn around like a whipped dog; talk and resist. But the most important thing you can do personally is to get as rich as you can while maintaining your ethics. Being rich can help insulate you from evil and stupidity.

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