DMX preaches bible verses at a random hotel party


After being released from Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution in West Virginia, Va. on Friday, January 25, DMX felt the Holy Spirit and decided to preach to some people at a random hotel party on Last weekend. Everything was filmed.

On Saturday, Jan. 26, a Twitter user posted a clip of the newly released rap veteran delivering a fiery semi-sermon to a group of men in a hotel hallway. According to the fan, X “went to my cousin’s party at the hotel last night and had a few words for them.”

In the video, DMX first quotes part of a Bible verse of Isaiah 54:17saying, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

In another part of his impromptu sermon, DMX said, “God had his hand on me since before the womb… I didn’t know what that meant until I read the Bible.

“I am a warrior for the lord, I will fuck you in the name of Jesus,” he added. “I had to hit rock bottom, just to be able to get everyone up.”

The men watched and seemed to agree with DMX’s words. In the past, the former Ruff Ryders artist has said he would like to be ordained a minister. Well, looks like he’s on his way.

Since its release, DMX has been a very busy guy. On Friday (January 25), he had his first proper meal as a free man with his fiancée and young son. Then on Saturday night (January 26), Dark Man X performs his first post-jail concert for fans in New York. The 48-year-old rhymer performed many of his classic hits including “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem,” “Where the Hood At,” “Party Up (Up in Here)” and more with DJ Finesse backing him up.

Check out DMX delivering his fiery sermon below.

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