Defaced pro-life display at Pepperdine University vandalized with pro-abortion messages


Left-leaning students were filmed trashing a pro-life exhibit at a Christian college in California, according to a tip received through the Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline.

The display was obscured by pro-abortion messages, including “Vasectomies prevent abortion” and “No womb, no opinion”, while many crosses were torn.A conservative group at Pepperdine University has placed 620 crosses – one for every 100,000 lives lost to abortion since the Roe v. Wade – on Pepperdine University’s Freedom Wall on Tuesday night. A few hours later, they caught leftists in the act of defacing their display.

Before it was destroyed, the display featured the 620 crosses surrounding a sign reading “Lives taken by abortion since Roe v. Wade”.Members of the Pepperdine College Republicans captured the students destroying the screen on camera. In one video, a vandal was asked “Why are you removing crosses from a Christian school?” to which she replied, “Because I’m not a Christian.”

The vandal was also caught claiming ‘it’s public property’ as she tore up crosses.

Another student, seen covering the screen’s pro-life centerpiece with a pro-abortion sign, announced “Go ahead and tear it up if you want, but the one below will fall too.”

Angry students covered the entire exhibit with posters saying ‘My body my choice’ and images of a womb as well as ‘God does not support women’s body legislation’ and other pro-abortion messages .Pepperdine College Republicans President Spencer Lindquist told YAF he was disappointed with the behavior of his comrades.

“It is unfortunate and telling that some on our campus have decided to desecrate a memorial to 62 million aborted babies by covering up our message with used hygiene products, removing and covering our display, and even turning the crosses upside down. .”

“We hope that President Gash and the rest of the Pepperdine administration will take this opportunity to publicly support the freedom of speech of their Christian and Conservative students, which is uniquely under attack on our campus,” he said.

“Silence will only weaken the already waning confidence of thousands of students, alumni, prospective students, parents and donors who expect Christian values ​​to be upheld at our university.”

YAF contacted Pepperdine University but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Last month, YAF reported on a Young Americans for Freedom activist from Iowa State University who was assaulted by a disgruntled leftist for his pro-life sign. After stealing the sign in question, the student then called campus police on himself.

Across the country, college campuses are proving hostile to pro-life views. Even a Christian college, in Pepperdine’s case, clearly has leftist students who are not sympathetic to pro-life views. For this reason, students, parents and members of the pro-life community must persevere and make their voices heard.


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