CP Branded Solutions | The class of 2023 is going to have a big surprise this year. Are they ready for this?


After a few years of lackluster job creation, 2023 is poised to be a much stronger year for new graduates. According to the New York Times, “Seniors and graduates are in demand again as companies reinvigorate recruitment, underscoring the economic premium that comes with a degree.”

This is good news for this emerging generation, but there will still be obstacles. With the reopening of employers, the experienced employee will always be in demand, which will complicate things for new graduates. Fortunately, “challenge” isn’t an unfamiliar word to Gen Z, and this new book by Dr. Billy Wilson shines a light on our new generation of leaders and sees tremendous potential for everyone’s future.

In “Generation Z: born for the storm“, Dr. William M. “Billy” Wilson, President of Oral Roberts University, inspires and informs readers to help Gen Z fulfill their destiny. He is fast, full of ideas and rich in research. He is designed to call on Gen Z to pursue God and serve His purposes in the turbulent times we live in.

Billy Wilson reveals that all people are looking for a cause, a reason, and a place to bury their hearts, and Gen Z will find a cause so compelling in Jesus that they’ll put their all into it.

Often God’s greatest victories are seen in the midst of a storm. Gen Z will see the glory of God when they succeed because they were born for the storm.

Generation Z: Born for the Storm is intended for:

  • Gen Zers who aspire to live lives of purpose and make their lives matter to God
  • Parents who seek to raise sons and daughters committed to building the kingdom of God
  • Pastors and youth leaders who seek to better understand the challenges facing today’s youth, this generation’s potential for God, and how to inspire them to reach that potential
  • Leaders, managers and employers looking to motivate their Gen Z employees to maximize productivity and impact
  • Educators who seek to truly understand and connect impactfully with their students

Gen Z, born in a time of unprecedented societal upheaval with a strong desire to make their lives matter, stands out as the “thinking” generation. For this reason, Gen Z must be equipped to discover and accomplish their God-given purpose in new ways for the opportunities they will discover and the storms in their path. They are ready. They are ready. They were born for the storm.

You can order Generation Z: born for the storm Now to drbillywilsonbooks.com or click on the book title.

Dr. William M. Wilson
He is the fourth president of the world-renowned Oral Roberts University, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dr. William M. Wilson is the fourth president of the world-renowned Oral Roberts University located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Wilson is instrumental in developing Spirit-led leaders through educating the whole person to impact the world. Wilson has more than four decades of executive leadership. He is a global influencer, a dynamic speaker with undeniable passion and a deep ability to equip new generations of leaders.

In addition to his role as President of the Pentecostal World Fellowship, Dr. Wilson’s leadership influence includes Empowered21, National Association of Evangelicals, Mission America Coalition, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, American Association of Presidents of independent colleges and universities and the City of Tulsa Chamber of Commerce.

Wilson is a sought-after Bible communicator whose weekly television program, “World Impact with Dr. Billy Wilson,” inspires viewers in more than 150 countries and multiple languages. Wilson and his wife Lisa have a son, Ashley, who with his wife Jamie has three children. Their daughter Sara and her husband Shaun have four children. The Wilson family resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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