Chris Brown denies rape allegations, accuser’s text messages surface


Chris Brown isn’t staying silent after being accused by an unnamed woman of rape following a party on Diddy’s yacht on Miami’s Star Island in 2020.

According to a report by TMZ On Wednesday, March 9, Breezy shared voice notes from his alleged accuser, who filed a $20 million lawsuit against him, as text messages from that same woman appeared online, seemingly proving the innocence of the man. R&B singer.

In the voice note, which the video says was sent on Saturday, February 26, the woman is heard saying, “You’re like, you read the messages and stuff. And you haven’t blocked me yet, so I I guess you don’t hate me I just want to see you again I mean, just [you] answered the phone then hung up. Just tell me if you want me to leave you alone. I definitely will, but I really just wanna fuck shit again.”

As for the series of text messages exchanged between the woman, identified in her lawsuit as Jane Doe, and Brown, which were allegedly obtained by both TMZ and Speed ​​cameras onlinethe two apparently conversed after the alleged rape in December 2020. During that conversation, the woman, who is a professional choreographer, dancer, model and musical artist, sent nude images to the Virginia crooner while Brown advised him to take a Plan B – one morning after birth control – to avoid pregnancy, just in case.

The woman also replied in a message saying, “I want to fuck you tonight at midnight lol.”

There were several text exchanges between the two between January 1, 2021 and January 13, 2021. However, it does not appear that Chris responded after that time.

TMZ reports that months later, after the woman and Chris Brown talked about seeing each other again, which ultimately didn’t happen, she sent another nude photo of herself and texted: ” Honestly you were the best dick I’ve had lol I just want one more time.”

Having received no response, the woman again typed: “You knew very well that I was not pressing you against a dick. You told me to stay and then you are going to try to play with me? It’s crazy, I didn’t deserve this, but you got it.”

Following the text messages that surfaced online, Chris Brown also shared a message on his Instagram story.

He wrote: “No more dragging me through the mud. CLEARLY YOU CAN ALL SEE THE [cap emoji]. Now let’s see if the media will retain the same energy they had in trying to destroy me, in telling the real story. Me and my legal team are taking legal action on this situation. You don’t play with people live like that. THX TEAM BREEZY…”

chris brown rape accuser instagram story

chrisbrownofficial via Instagram

George Vrabeck, the attorney for Chris Brown’s alleged accuser with Mitchell, has confirmed XXL this afternoon that they are no longer representing her in this matter.

Vrabeck said: “Ariel Mitchell and I remain 100% committed to representing victims of sexual abuse or assault. The Miami Beach PD provided us with information last Thursday that precludes us from representing Jane Doe in the case. Chris Brown. We appreciate and are grateful for the good work of the Miami Beach PD.”

The Miami Beach Police Department also received the text messages and is investigating the matter.

As previously reported, Jane Doe filed a lawsuit against Breezy on January 27, who offered her a drink in December 2020, which caused her to experience “a sudden and unexplained shift in consciousness.” The woman also said in her complaint that she then felt “disoriented, physically unstable”, after accusing Brown of kissing her despite her refusal and raping her.

Chris appeared to respond to the allegations in January, calling it a “ceiling pattern”.

XXL contacted the Miami Beach Police Department for comment.

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