Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill quotes bible verse to end last media session


Throughout Super Bowl week, the players and coaches of each team have to do numerous press interviews. These are much longer than they’re used to – and since many of the journalists involved don’t usually cover the bosses, they’re often filled with questions that players have answered multiple times before.

Added to the intense pressure they are already under in preparation for the championship game, these can be a real burden. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid gave four of those interviews this week. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes appeared in Three.

And Thursday, after answering the last question of his second press session – which lasted 27 minutes – wide receiver Tyreek Hill had something he wanted to get rid of his chest.

“I just had one more thing to say,” he said, leaning towards the camera. “Last night, I tweeted something from a bible verse… This Bible verse really spoke to me last night as I was doing Bible study with my daughter. He said: ‘Present sufferings with the hope of future glory.’ Dude, let that sink in your heart before you go to sleep tonight – or just go do whatever you have to do. The cheetah is out, man!

Hill was referring to Romans 8:18. The King James Version of the Bible translates this verse as follows: “For I do not consider the sufferings of this present time to be worthy of being compared to the glory which will be revealed in us. The New International Version says, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

In his letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul obviously made no reference to Super Bowl week – although he probably understood the Roman numerals we use now to refer to them better than most of us. In this particular week, however, it’s not hard to see why Paul’s words were addressed to Hill.

Even then, Hill was not quite finished. He held the gold chain that hung around his neck to the camera.

“Do you see the gold chain? ” He asked. “It’s a fake. I’m outside.”

At the end of their week of preparation leading up to Super Bowl LV, this is where the Chiefs are: tired of the hype, but prepared for the glory. Focused not only on the game, but also on the things that are important to them. And finally … cowardly enough to play a joke at their expense.

The Chiefs are ready to play.


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