Charles Davis talks about this year’s weak QB class, Jordan Love Trade


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  • Charles Davis appeared on the Pat McAfee Show to talk about the NFL Draft
  • He talks about the weakness of this year’s class compared to others
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Charles Davis is one of the best in the business when it comes to breaking down the NFL Draft.

The analyst is often on hand with his player and team descriptions and comparisons, and this year was no different. This week, however, he made a startling admission about the quality of this year’s class at the most important position on the pitch.

It’s no surprise that this year’s quarterback class is considered to be on the decline. There are few stars at the top when looking at Malik Willis, Kenny Pickett and Desmond Ridder.

No disrespect to any of them, but there isn’t a single player you can pinpoint as an infallible franchise passer. In fact, we may not even see the first selected caller until the end of the first round.

Chances are Willis will be the first to go, and he could end up in the top 10 for a team like Carolina or Atlanta. But if those teams don’t pull the trigger, we may not see a passer selected until the No. 20 pick with the Steelers.

Davis compared that to last year, when we saw five quarterbacks take the top 15 picks. This included each of the first three selections.

He then dropped a bombshell on his personal draft notes while singling out one player as a potential trade candidate.

Charles Davis says six 2021 QBs rated higher than anyone in this year’s class

Davis appeared on the Pat McAfee Show to discuss the NFL Draft. He says the five quarterbacks in the 2021 first round, as well as third-round pick Davis Mills, were all ranked higher than all passers in this year’s class.

“If you take last year’s draft, and I’ll just speak for myself, the top five quarterbacks that went, and Davis Mills that went to Houston, that’s six, all of them would have been rated higher than the first quarterback in this year’s draft.

That’s mind-boggling to hear, even given 2022’s weak group. It could, however, open up the possibility of a young passer being traded over the weekend.

Jordan Love could be a trade candidate

With Davis mentioning that last year’s class is much better than this year’s, that could have teams looking for a trade rather than a draft pick.

Why take a chance on a quarterback you don’t see as a long-term answer when you could trade for a young passer who had a higher rank?

Davis says, especially with the re-signing of Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love could be a prime candidate to move draft week. He scores higher than everyone else on this year’s board and still offers youth and potential.

Time will tell if the Packers are ready to move their 2020 No. 1 pick. There’s always a sense of uncertainty when it comes to Aaron Rodgers’ future. If they do, a team could end up with quarterback talent they simply can’t find in this year’s class.


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