Certified Jerk Leaves Gay Waiter Bible Verse Instead Of Tip


The scourge of leaving silly messages instead of tips continues. A Charlotte restaurant waiter, who happens to be gay, was appalled to receive a Bible verse instead of a tip from a dining table earlier this week, reports the town’s CBS affiliate. While paying the check, one of the fanatic customers wrote “Lev 20:13” and “Praying for you! On the receipt.

“I didn’t expect a hateful gesture like this,” Alexandra Judd, a waitress at Zada ​​Jane, told WBTV. “I asked a guest to leave me a brochure at their church as a tip once, but I didn’t feel like they were hateful towards me. The ladies who came were very rude and spoke to me. barely – but I wasn’t expecting it. “

Judd said she had heard of people leaving messages or “fake money” instead of tips at restaurants, but she “never believed that would happen to me, as it did.” She posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook and showed undeserved compassion by redacting the customer’s name. “Don’t pray for me honey, I have everything I can want and need in my life,” Judd wrote in the post.

Judging and leaving hateful messages on restaurant receipts is unfortunately a centuries-old tradition in this country. Recently, a waiter in Iowa received a nasty rating because of his pink hair. In Southern California, a waiter that wasn’t going fast enough to a customer’s liking was punished with a racist insult.


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