CBSE Class 12 English Core Question Bank – CBSE Board English Exam 2022!


CBSE Class 12 Basic English Questions are available below to give students an idea of ​​the CBSE Board Class 12 Basic English Exam 2022. Check it out below.

The CBSE Term 2 English Exam 2022 would be held on May 13, 2022. CBSE had previously stated that it would be holding CBSE Class 10, 12 Term 2 exams starting April 26, 2022. Students are now fully preparing for their subjects and the English core is one of the most important and striking subjects.

Students tend to quit English at the last moment, causing them to lose points and lower grades. Take a look at some of the English Core Practice Questions that would help you revise the CBSE English Class 2022 Term 2 2022 Syllabuses.

CBSE English Core: Class 12 Term 2 – Solve these problems

Q1. Read the passage below and answer the questions listed here

My grandmother’s house is like a chambered shell, it has many rooms, but it’s not a mansion. Its proportions are small and its design simple. It is a house that has grown organically, according to the needs of its inhabitants. To all of us in the family, it’s known as Mama’s casa. It is the place of our origin; the scene of our memories and dreams of island life.

I remember how, in my childhood, he sat on stilts; this was before it had a ground floor – it sat on its perch like a large blue bird – not some sort of flying bird, more like a nesting hen, but with outstretched wings. Grandfather had built it shortly after their marriage. He was a painter and house builder, a poet and a meditator by nature. As each of their eight children was born, new bedrooms were added. After a few years, the paint didn’t match exactly, nor the materials, so there was a timeline, like the rings of a tree, and mom could tell you the story of every room in her casa, and so family genealogy with her. His own room is the heart of the house. Although I have seen her recently – and the size of the woman and the room has shrunk, changed by the new perspective of my eyes, now able to look over counters and large beds – it is not not this image that I carry in my memory of mom’s casa. Instead, I see her bedroom as a queen’s room where a petite woman loomed large, a throne room with a massive four-poster bed at its center that was bigger than a child’s head.

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It was on this bed, where her own children were born, that the smallest grandchildren were allowed to nap in the afternoon; it was also there that mom isolated herself to give private advice to her daughters, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down on the one who was sitting on the seesaw where generations of babies had been sung to each other. fall asleep To me, she looked like a wise empress straight out of the fairy tales I was addicted to reading. And there was the monstrous cupboard that she locked with a little golden key that she didn’t hide. It was a test of his dominance over us; Although my cousins ​​and I wanted more than anything to take a look inside this huge cabinet, we never reached this small key lying on his Bible on the dresser. It was also where she placed her earrings and rosary beads when she took them off at night. The word of God was his security system. This cabinet was where I imagined she kept jewelry, satin slippers, and elegant sequined silk dresses of heartbreaking finesse. I coveted these imaginary costumes. I had heard that Mama had been a great beauty in her youth, and the belle of many balls. My cousins ​​had ideas about what she kept in that wooden chest: her secret might be money (Mama’s didn’t hand out money to strangers, banks were out of the question, so there were rumors that her mattress was stuffed with dollar bills, and that she buried coins in jars in her garden under rose bushes, or kept them in her closet untouched, there might be that gun legendary salvaged from the Spanish-American conflict on the island to fill locked chests with something wondrous.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer eight of the nine questions below

(i) What is Mama’s casa in the family?

(ii) What does the changing face of the house reflect?

(iii) Briefly explain the structure of Grandma’s house.

(iv) How did the narrator’s grandmother assert herself?

(v) Why didn’t mom hide the little golden key?

(vi) What had the author heard of Mama as a young woman?

(vii) Find the pass word – authority/control

(viii) Find the pass word – a string of beads for counting prayers

(ix) “My cousins ​​had ideas about what she kept in that wooden chest” what was kept in that wooden chest?

Q2. You are the President of Literary Society of Delhi Public School Bilaspur. Write a formal invitation to the author, Ms. Manjul Bajaj, asking her to lead a workshop on creative writing in your Vidyalaya. You are Kunal/ Karuna

Q3. You are Akshar/Akshara, living at B – 94 Fort Road, Pune. You have read the announcement below. You are qualified for the position. Write an application in 120 to 150 words with a CV.

Q4. You are Samidha/Ajay from Jan Kalyan School Delhi. Your school held an inter-school debate competition last month. Write a 120-150 word report of this event for your school magazine giving details such as time, location, topic, winners, etc.

Literature Section:

With reference to chapter The rat trap to respond:

Q1. Why did the peddler think the world was a rat trap?

Q2. Why did the peddler take pleasure in his idea of ​​the world as a rat trap?

With reference to chapter Indigo Answer the following questions

Q3. Why did Gandhi rebuke the lawyers?

Q4. Instead of going to Champaran, Gandhi went to Muzzafarpur. Give a valid reason.

Q5. Why is the Champaran episode considered the beginning of the Indian struggle for independence?

With reference to chapter A thing with beauty Answer the following questions

Q6. What is the message of the poem “A Thing of Beauty”?

Q7. Name the beauties of nature that are a constant source of joy and happiness for man.

With reference to Aunt Jennifer’s TigersAnswer the following questions:

Q8. Explain the big difference between Aunt Jennifer’s death and the prancing tigers.

Q9. In a male-dominated society, women have always been oppressed by men. What changes can be made in society to elevate the position of women like Aunt Jennifer?

Answer the following questions referring to should the wizard hit mom

Q10. How does Jo want the story to end and why?

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