Cat graduates from college after attending every class on Zoom


A cat is “graduated” after completing all of its owner’s Zoom University courses.

WSFM reports that the owner Francesa Bourdier, a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin; However, she wasn’t the only one to take this step, as her adorable cat, Sukiwas right next to her.

As good as Bourid, Suki was also a dedicated student who attended all of the course’s zoom lectures.

Bourdier took to her social media to share fondant photos of her and her partner in crime; she even gifted the feline a matching mortarboard hat and robe.

She captioned the photos on Instagram: “Yeah my cat has been to every Zoom lecture I’ve had so we’re BOTH graduating from the University of Texas at Austin together.”

Many joined Suki‘s recent achievement and adorable graduation outfit, with one person writing, “Only here because I saw you both on the news and I’m a cat freak myself who’s obsessed with all this situation.”

Another person said, “I ended up in my feed through a different account and had to come and find the original. It made my day! Congratulations!”

A third person commented, “This is the cutest and quirkiest thing I’ve seen in a while! Congratulations to you two !!”

While another took their fandom even further and asked Bourdier to start a page dedicated to his four-legged friend, writing: “Do you have an Instagram account for your cat because I would like to follow him?”

The owner revealed that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she was forced to spend the majority of her college experience at home curled up with Suki, from Fox 7.

“I was pretty much in my apartment most of the time and had my cat next to me. Every time I had my Zoom conference, it’s like she almost wants to listen to it, and she s always sat right next to my laptop,” she said.

She added, “A lot of people imagine having their pet with them, you know, attending their Zoom conferences because everyone was pretty much home. She’s just kind of my special graduate. “

However, BouridThe obsession for his pet doesn’t stop there; the recent graduate also runs a clothing brand that sells matching hoodies for customers and their pets.

My god, one day we hope to see his creations on the literal cat-walking trail.


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