British Airways reacts after ‘atrocious’ First Class breakfast leaves people wanting to vomit


British Airways has reacted to a photo of an “excruciating” meal served in one of its first class cabins.

The admittedly pitiful snap was sent to TV presenter Jane Hawkes, who shared it on her social media page and claimed the meal was served on a flight from Abuja to London.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to pile up, which isn’t all that surprising, as a one-way first class flight from Abuja will set you back around £6,000.

Hawkes captioned his photo: “First class #BritishAirways breakfast. The thoughts?” and let’s just say the thoughts were shared.

Offering a fairly lengthy answer, one person tweeted, “Nothing first class about this. There are three things that are almost unidentifiable. It must be an egg since it’s breakfast but it looks like potato salad. What are yellow things? The brown thing? It’s not black pudding so what is it? I think it’s a tomato but it’s burnt.

Getting straight to the point, another added: ‘That looks disgusting. What’s that gray stuff? while a third tweeted: “That looks disgusting [vomit emoji].”

Another social media user pondered, “Why does the sausage look like a skinned penis?” Equally baffled by the sausage situation, another wrote: “I’m just worried what this sausage could have died from.”

Other comments included, “What’s the red thing? What’s the brown thing? What’s the black stuff?”, “What’s the porridge?” and “I gotta ask, what’s that gray stack?”

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British Airways was forced to issue an apology. Credit: Shutterstock

However, some social media users felt it was in poor taste to complain about the food as the UK is in the midst of a cost of living crisis.

“People are struggling to feed their families [and] heat their homes… If you’re lucky enough to fly first class, maybe appreciate the comic value of this bad meal. Don’t rub your wealth of opportunity in people’s faces,” one Twitter user said.

Talk to MailOnlineHawkes said she received the photo from a friend who flew to Heathrow.

She explained: “He only shared it because he was so disgusted. He didn’t expect it to go viral.

A British Airways spokesperson told LADbible: “We are talking to our third-party caterers to understand what happened here, as this clearly does not meet our usual high standards. We are sorry to have let down our customers on this occasion.”


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