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Don’t mess with Brandy! On Wednesday, May 25, the Vocal Bible dropped their own freestyle to Jack Harlow’s No. 1 hit “First Class,” and the results were nothing short of amazing.

“Let me reintroduce myself / My name is world famous, one of the greatest / Living legend, did I mention my resume is amazing,” the singer rapped on the track, which debuted on Hot 97. Ebro in the morning To display. “Over 20 and I’m still a subject / A picture is worth a million, now I feel like a philanthropist / Forty-three and I feel like a kid with millions watching / Popular but now I’m poppin’ st for those in my pocket / I went diamond / Guess I’m still a shining gold mine / This black excellence at its finest / Don’t call me Brandy anymore, call me Your Highness.


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It was all fun, but Brandy’s verse comes in response to Harlow admitting he didn’t know she and younger brother Ray J were related in an interview with Hot 97. During the chat, the “Nail Tech” rapper n couldn’t identify Brandy’s 1998 hit ‘Angel in Disguise’ – guessing at first it was Aaliyah – and the hosts’ clues to her brother’s famous sex tape only made him more confused.

At the time, Brandy jokingly responded to Harlow’s interview, tweeting, “I’m gonna murk this nigga in rap at 43 to his own beats then sing his a- to sleep.” She then clarified to a fan after her tweet went viral that she was just having a little fun with the young rapper. “I didn’t know he was rapping so I was just Pokin,” she tweeted.

Harlow also participated in the “pokin”. Following his reaction to his interview, he shared a photo of a young Brandy and Ray J on Instagram Story along with an interesting choice for a music video: Brandy’s cover of Kanye West’s “Bring Me Down” — and more specifically, the line: “I always knew that one day they would try to bring me down.

Well, consider the fun feud officially settled and listen to Brandy’s “First Class” freestyle below.


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