Bishop Elpidophoros’ Exhortation to the Class of 2022 of the Archons – Messages



By His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America

To the Archon Class of 2022

Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

New York, New York

October 9, 2022

* * *

Your Beatitude Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa,

Dear Chosen Archons of the Ecumenical Throne,

Esteemed Archon Brothers and Spouses,

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

This day for the installation of the new class of Archons is indeed auspicious. Because it happens in the presence of His Beatitude Theodore II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa.

You receive the high office and name of “Archon” at this first and very special Divine Patriarchal Liturgy, presided over by one who is enthroned in the See of Saint Mark the Apostle and Evangelist – and on the very day of His Enthronement eighteen years ago, though.

My exhortation to you today will not be long or composed of many words and thoughts. For you have within you the very instantiation of what it means to be an “Archon” – a Leader and Defender of the Faith.

His Beatitude, by his very presence among us, and by the example of his deeds and his witness, gives each of you the “pole star”, by which will be measured your conduct as brothers of the Order of Saint Andrew.

For His Beatitude is a firm and unshakeable rampart for the canonical order of the Church, and for the responsibilities and rights of our Most Holy Ecumenical Patriarchate.

His courage in the face of enormous pressure is legendary. And you will all do well today to remember his blessing as you embark on your journey as Honorable Archons of the Holy Great Church of Christ.

No matter your background,

No matter the course of your life at this sacred moment,

You are endowed by His All-Holiness Himself with the Offikion that He has personally chosen for you.

May his brother the Patriarch, standing before you, be a perpetual memorial in your souls of the great honor conferred on you and of the responsibility you now bear to defend and magnify the Mother Church of Constantinople with all your might, with all your heart. , and with all your mind.

May you always be worthy!


Photo: GOARCH/Dimitrios S. Panagos


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