Bible Verse Challenge: Why a Zimbabwean ‘prophet’ offers R2m to SA youth

  • A self-proclaimed Zimbabwean ‘prophet’ is offering up to R2million in a Bible verse challenge.
  • The challenge will consist of local musicians against ordinary South Africans.
  • Each person will be asked 10 questions; for each correct answer, you leave with R50,000.

In a bid to get young people off the streets and off drugs and crime, a self-proclaimed Zimbabwean ‘prophet’, Passion Java, is offering up to R2 million in a Bible verse challenge.

The challenge is due to take place in three weeks in Johannesburg, to give young people time to study the Bible.

Speaking to News24, Java spokesman Boss Lashaan said after many visits to South Africa it “breaks” the heart of the “prophet” to see many young people on the streets resorting to a “non-Christian” way of life.

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lashaan said:

It was always the plan to help the country where Java could, the team just didn’t know how. But then the good Lord opened our eyes with new possibilities on how to help these people change their way of life. Everyone needs a little money, and if we can be that vessel through God, then we will do what we can to change the lives of others.

According to Java, 33, he called on local musicians – such as AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Master KG and DJ Maphorisa – to join the challenge.

“Young people look up to these musicians. They are well known locally and internationally, I chose to add them to the challenge because if young people can see that their favorite stars are able to live a normal life, while living a lifestyle Christian, so maybe they’ll want to change their life. That’s a start,” he said.

Lashaan said plans are already underway for Java to travel to South Africa, where he will host the Bible Challenge virtually at an undisclosed location.

The challenge is simple, Lashaan added: celebrities versus ordinary South Africans.

This will be done virtually on the “prophet’s” Instagram page, which has more than 700,000 followers.

lashaan said:

Each person will be asked a total of 10 questions from the Bible. For each correct answer, R50,000 will be given to the person, regardless of whether it is a celebrity or an ordinary person. The quiz is scheduled for a period of one week, or until the R2 million is won.

According to Lashaan, Master KG accepted the request to be part of the Bible quiz challenge.

“We haven’t heard from the other musicians yet, but we have a very strong feeling that we will hear from them soon. The team and I will continue to contact them – but, if they don’t accept, the challenge will continue” , Lashaan said.

Earlier this month, the ‘prophet’ made headlines when he and some of his friends went out to celebrate a birthday at the lavish 012 Lifestyle bar and restaurant in Brooklyn. He paid the R1.3 million bill and left a R124,995 tip for staff members.

“I read in the media that one of the staff members needed money to pay off his student debt and by the grace of God was able to do so the following week. It also made me think of the many other students are going through the same situation and could use some of the 2 million rand,” he said.

Java said he had built a comfortable life for himself and his family – and while there were still many things he wanted to achieve in life, helping those in need was a calling he wanted carry out.

Java leads Kingdom ministries and shuttles between Zimbabwe and Maryland in the United States, where he is also said to be setting up ministries.

He also has a line of books, including one on “speaking in tongues”, and features personal appearances.

His second wife, Lily, who moved from Ethiopia to the United States at a young age, runs the Lily Java Foundation, which focuses on “less fortunate widows and orphans”.

When asked if he thinks money is the root of all evil, he proudly replies “absolutely not”.

“Money has power. It has the power to change people’s lives for the better. Money should not change people’s minds. If you have been blessed financially, the Lord will use you to bless others” , said Java.

According to the team, no application is necessary to participate in the challenge. All you need to do is know your bible, hop on its Instagram page, and if you’re chosen to answer, you’ll have the opportunity to do so.

“My social media team will manage the outcome of the quiz challenge; it will be very structured. I have done these quizzes several times over the past years in other countries and I am always impressed with how great it is well done,” said Java. .

Java said he hoped many people would take the opportunity to change their lives for the better.

News24 attempted to reach AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Master KG and DJ Maphorisa, but received no response.

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