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TYLER, TX (KLTV) – Making the most of lunchtime is taking on new meaning for some women of faith in East Texas. They nurture a thirst for spiritual growth through an hour-long Bible study.

Every Wednesday at noon, “She Studies Downtown” meets at Rick’s Downtown in Tyler.

There are light lunch options, but people like Mary Fowler come for spiritual sustenance.

“There is a reason why I am here. I will figure it out by the end of the nine weeks. “

She says it’s a perfect fit for her busy schedule. Her work with Smith County Animal Control keeps her active throughout the day.

“Things tend to explode really quickly, you know, especially in my job. I need this time to settle down and give it to God,” Fowler said.

Bible study is led by Debbie Stuart, Women’s Minister at Green Acres Baptist Church. She teaches in a program called “Five Habits of a Woman Who Never Gives Up”.

“I want to be sure that they know how to study the word of God, that they know what to do with it. They know how to hear the voice of God over all these other voices calling out to them what they should do.

Drawing on principles from the Book of Ruth and other scriptures, bite-sized messages strengthen, encourage, and prompt action.

“It’s kind of like a blow to the head. You have to take the time to stop and listen, ”Fowler said. “You never know when God is speaking to you.

This food for thought nourishes the soul. Throughout the weekly presentation, you’ll find practical tips, memory exercises, and tips for tackling life’s distractions.

Mimi Youngblood, administrator of the women’s ministry at Green Acres, helps plan the Bible study.

“We want to make room for the Lord to be the best and the first thing in our life. And all other things will come into play.”

Stuart says the discussion topics are timely and can impact each participant differently.

“We often need answers and I want us to learn to turn to the word of God for them. Sometimes we need reassurance, a breakthrough, or a revelation. Hey, whatever you need, you can find it in the word of God.

It’s an opportunity to come closer to Christ and to each other, according to Fowler.

“I have to pray every day. And I pray for everything I do because it’s in God’s time and his will. It’s not my time. He’s the one who will show me what to do.

For those interested in “She Studies Downtown” Bible Study, they can drop by any Wednesday at Rick’s. Lunch is offered for 10 dollars.

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