Bible study more than an exercise for students


By Brian Blackwell, Message editor-in-chief

BALL, Louisiana (LBM) – Nathan Law, Joshua Pugh and Macey Baze were chosen to represent Louisiana in the national competition at Dallas Baptist University on June 17-18, following the recent Bible exercise for youth and high schools and the speakers’ tournament. .

The event, which was postponed last year due to security concerns related to COVID-19, drew 62 children and 96 youth to Kingsville Baptist Church in Ball on April 24.

Bible Drill is a discipleship training program for children and youth to help them increase their knowledge of the Bible. It’s also fun as children learn to memorize the scriptures and gain confidence in their knowledge of the Bible and their ability to locate important passages quickly and easily.

State Bible Exercise Participants and Speakers’ The tournament progressed from the district level after competing in their local churches.

“We are so grateful that we were able to host the State Bible Exercise and In-Person Speakers Tournament this year,” said Brandon Lewis, Louisiana Baptist Youth Ministry strategist. Baptist message. “The students worked hard and did a fantastic job. The scriptures that have been hidden in the hearts of students are a treasure that will remain with them forever. We are also grateful to the parents, volunteers, and judging teams who made the Bible exercise and the Speaker’s Tournament a possibility this year.

The three winners who qualified for the national tournament said that Bible Drill had equipped them to become more daring witnesses of Christ.

Law, who has participated in Bible Drill for six years, said God used his participation in the program to bring him into a relationship with Christ.

“Bible Drill has had a huge impact in my life,” said Law, a member of the First Baptist Church in Gonzalez. “In 2018, while I was meditating on my Bible Drill map, the Lord used Romans 10:13 to save me. “

This was Pugh’s seventh Bible exercise.

“Hiding the Word of God in your heart is so important,” said Pugh, a member of the Ascension Baptist Church in Gonzalez. “You never know when God will use the verse you are memorizing to help you or someone else through you.”

Baze, a member of the First Baptist Church in Covington, last year won the Grade 11 Speakers’ Tournament competition via Zoom and this year was delighted to deliver, in person, her winning speech “May I be tolerant and still to be biblical? “

“It was just as amazing to win this year,” said Baze. “We are called to hide the Word in our hearts, and Bible Drill helps you to do that. It is a huge blessing. You don’t grow if you don’t step out of your comfort zone. Being surrounded by godly Christian leaders who want you to succeed and grow is a lifelong opportunity. “


7th year – First place: Andrew Manning, Acadiana Church, Lafayette; Second place: Laura Beth Mears, Kingsville, Ball.

8th grade – The winners were declared in two groups. First place: Briley Jones, Quitman, Quitman; Second place (tie): Kelsey Keyser, FBC Arcola and Patricia Lunsford, FBC Slaughter; and first place: Levi Lindsay, Woodlawn, Baton Rouge; Second place: Jacob Aime, Woodlawn, Baton Rouge.

Grade 9 – The winners were declared in two groups. First place: Nathan Law, FBC Gonzales; Second Place: Timothy Singletary, FBC Covington; and first place: Kloe Walker, FBC DeRidder; Second place (tie): Peyton Moschell, Grace Memorial, Slidell and Rebecca Pugh, Ascension, Gonzalez. A training exercise was held among the 10 participants with the highest overall scores: Nathan Law, FBC Gonzales; Timothy Singletary, FBC Covington; Kloe Walker, FBC DeRidder; Peyton Moschell, Grace Memorial, Slidell; Anna Keifer, Woodlawn, Baton Rouge; Elijah Palao, Grace Memorial, Slidell; Josie Manning, Acadiana Church, Lafayette; Rebecca Pugh, Ascension, Gonzalez; Kinsey Murrah, FBC Opelousas; Ryleigh Treloar, FBC Slaughter. Nathan Law edged out the other nine contestants to represent the Louisiana Baptists at the National Youth Bible Drill Tournament.

10th year – The winners were declared in two groups. First place: Laynie Atwood, Kingsville, Ball; Second place: Chase Haag, Kingsville, Ball; and first place: Leah Aime, Woodlawn, Baton Rouge; Second place: Abigail Manning, FBC Lafayette.

Grade 11 – The three laureates received scholarships from Louisiana College. First place: Carlie Richardson, Woodlawn, Baton Rouge ($ 4,500.00 / year); Second Place: Jack Stogner, FBC Covington ($ 3,500 / year); Third place: Anna Claire Bridges, New Chapel Hill, West Monroe ($ 2,500.00 / year).

Grade 12 (high school) – First place: Lydia Bearry, Woodlawn, Baton Rouge.

Grade 12 National Bible Exercise (additional requirements) – First place: Joshua Pugh, Ascension, Gonzalez.


10th year – First place: Sydney Baze, FBC Covington.

Grade 11 – First place: Caitlyn Beebe, Woodlawn, Baton Rouge ($ 4,500.00 / year Louisiana College scholarship).

Grade 12 – First place: Macey Baze, FBC Covington.


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