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By Britt Moreno

CENTENNIAL, Colorado (CBS4) – Members of a Bible study group at Centennial say they plan to better reach the Almighty. They are called Stoner Jesus Bible Study and they convey Bible verses and articulations.

Group member Mia Williams says, “We are just a bunch of stoners who come together and get to know Jesus and the Word of God. “

(credit: CBS)

Long-time member Mark Button said the group had “some very good spiritual conversations in this setting. We are getting really deep; deeper than I’ve ever been before. It is the perfect setting.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The “Tree of Sin” may be a lesson from the Bible, but this Bible study group views the marijuana plant as a blessing. For Button, the weed helped him draw closer to God and keep him away from an addiction.

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“God is what got me through this. Thanks to him, I have been sober for eight years. I no longer drink or use hard drugs. I sometimes smoke marijuana, ”Button said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Pastor Greg leads the group in prayer and says that they all believe in worship outside the church. They are all Christians as well as professionals or students. They admit that there is a stigma attached to marijuana, but they also say that some Bible studies offer wine and cheese, so they don’t understand the difference. One member said, “Marijuana has fewer calories and no one goes out drunk!”

CBS4's Britt Moreno interviews Pastor Greg (Credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Britt Moreno interviews Pastor Greg (Credit: CBS)

The most recent member, JeTaun Brown, says reading the stoned Bible helps people relax and focus. She says, “I think you have a deeper thought process that makes you understand better.”

Button, who has always been a devout Christian, says he’s heard God’s word “over and over and it never clicked (and now) it clicks.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

They study various sections of the Bible that they believe are directly related to smoking. They say that cannabis smokers are open-minded people and the word of God is also for open-minded people. For example, Pastor Greg says that the Beatitudes teach the group “to be kind and loving and to have mercy on others; don’t be judgmental and that’s why we love 4/20 crowds because we’re open minded.

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