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Another week another worthy quote Abbott Elementary School episode. “Egg Drop” is a treasure trove of comedic moments and hilarious one-liners, and we even learn something along the way. Joan (Quinta Brunson) strives to help her students participate in the eighth grade egg drop, while Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) learns a valuable lesson about tolerance after disagreeing with the way Krystal (Raven Goodwin), the mother of one of his students, presents herself.

As per usual, Abbott Elementary School packs in Granine Chunks for hungry shippers. Gregory (Tyler James Williams) helps Janine overcome her toxic positivity. Their scenes warm the shells of my cold heart.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of quotes (and moments around the quotes) that I liked from this week’s episode of Abbott Elementary School. The class is in session!

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BARBARA: As a good Christian, I would never mark my body with such obscenity. I don’t even think you have to say that word out loud. My favorite “B” word? Barbaric. Bible. Blessing. Blueberries.

Oh, Barbara Howard, how I love you. She reminds me of the devout Christians I know in my hometown, but she is way More fun. I love that “Egg Drop” focuses on Barbara’s lack of tolerance. His growth over 20 minutes is substantial. Either way, this quote is mostly hilarious because of Sheryl Lee Ralph’s stellar delivery. As an alliterative demon, alliteration is sublime.

PRIMARY ABBOTT – “Egg Drop” – Season 2 Episode 8 – (ABC/Gilles Mingasson) QUINTA BRUNSON

AVA: You have all seen this film Pacific Rim where Idris Elba fights the Kaiju? It’s science. You know what’s iffy, though? Pigeons.

This whole scene turns into conspiracy theory mayhem and it’s sitcom perfection. However, this Ava (Janelle James) gem is a highlight for me. It’s incredibly on the mark for her. Of course, she would consider a sci-fi movie to be real science, and ostensibly because a hot man is playing it (that’s Idris Elba, however – can we blame him?). Also, I agree with her. Pigeons are the paragon of “uncertain”. A major design flaw.

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JACOB: I just want to jump in and say I’m going to drop this one. I think my role here is best as an active listener.

Jacob (Chris Perfecti) is trying so hard to be a good ally and stepping back so that people of color can rightfully take up space. However, he usually tries too hard… with hilarious results. As an anxious white person trying to do good for everyone else, I toed that line. I believe that is an extension of pleasing people. Jacob “stepping in” to say he’s going to play the role of active listener is hysterical. Why not just keep silent? This quote lives up to his belief that gluten allergies are a physical side effect of white guilt.

Barbara talks to Krystal in her class in Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 8, "Egg drop."

ABBOTT ELEMENTARY – “Egg Drop” – Season 2 Episode 8 – (ABC/Gilles Mingasson) SHERYL LEE RALPH, RAVEN GOODWIN

GREGORY: Failure is what propels science forward. If you can’t accept failure, you can never learn from it.

Gregory constantly dispenses life lessons and wise wisdom. Once again, I find myself in a close relationship with Janine. This time it’s his inability to face failure. It’s hard to accept that when you’re a self-diagnosed perfectionist. Gregory’s quote is a reminder of how the brightest minds in history failed time after time before they succeeded. You make mistakes, you learn from them and you grow. Yippee, life!

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JANINE: Look, I’ve faced so many Mr. Mortons and there are so many Mr. Mortons in this world, and I want my kids to face them now. And I want to protect them with the best defense: positivity.

Janine’s infectious positivity sometimes veers towards toxicity. Gregory sees his relentlessly positive display as another teachable moment (after all, it’s a school). Facts are facts, no matter how optimistic we try to be. This is a vital lesson for all of us. The quote above speaks to Janine’s passion for helping her students succeed even when she wears blinders and refuses to see the truth when she faces it.

Janine stands above her students while wearing an orange turtleneck and smiling in Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 8, "Egg drop."

PRIMARY ABBOTT – “Egg Drop” – Season 2 Episode 8 – (ABC/Gilles Mingasson) QUINTA BRUNSON

Toxic positivity is real, folks, and something our society tries to label as “desirable.” Be optimistic no matter what, right? Fortunately, this is not part of my nature. I’m too adorably self-deprecating and sarcastic for that!

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What are your favorite quotes from “Egg Drop”? Sound off in the comments below!

Abbott Elementary School airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on ABC, airing the following day on Hulu.

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