Beginning of Friday Bible Study |


The end of summer brings with it many new beginnings. Our usual thought as parents and grandparents is “back to school”. However, we all seem to be seeing the upcoming new season with fresh eyes. Indeed, this is true of many women over the past forty-three years who have participated in what is known as “Friday Morning”.

Friday morning Bible study became simply “Friday morning” when Louise Watson, a treasured retired schoolteacher, became a regular attendee. Every week at the end of the week, Louise’s husband, Phares, would say in his Southern Minden accent, “Louise, are you going to Friday morning?” She loved it and we loved it and it became our name!

The Bible study which meets weekly in the home of Judge and Mrs. Graydon Kitchens began with an intimate group of five young women who met in the kitchen house and listened together to a Bible program on the radio.

Over time, their desire to learn more about God’s Word and its application to our daily lives grew into an in-depth study of God’s Word, verse by verse. The number grew from five to between 25 and 50 women meeting every Friday from September to May.

The group is interfaith and we encourage all races to join. Ms. Kitchens is the teacher, following in the footsteps of her late mother Grace Carroll, a well-known Baton Rouge Bible teacher and author.

Sometimes we have a video, if any, but the Bible is a textbook. We encourage questions and discussion. Prayer also plays an important role in the weekly meeting, although we are not a “prayer group” but a Bible study.

Our time together each week is one of fellowship and sharing. We are bound by a strong belief in Christ as our Savior and individual needs expressed each week are held in the strictest confidence.

Our study this year, which begins Friday, September 8 at 9:30 a.m., is vital to our homes and cities, as we see that violence abounds and spiritual warfare takes place on all levels. We will examine every Bible verse dealing with angels. Ms. Kitchens calls the study Angels: Good and Evil.

There will be an additional book available at the start of the study, but it is not mandatory. Our text will be the Bible, so bring your favorite translation a notebook and pen and be prepared to learn the truth about God‘s creations, angels, good and evil.


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