Assurance of Our Faith (1 Timothy 3:13) – Your Daily Bible Verse – June 30


BIBLE VERSE OF THE DAY: “Those who have served well gain a fine position and great assurance in their faith in Jesus Christ.” 1 Timothy 3:13

The assurance of our faith
By Meg Bucher

“Three 100%!” My daughter triumphantly slammed her file on the counter. “This is three prizes!

Although the reward system in place seems to help encourage their best work in school…it certainly pushed us into the conversation about the right next door.

We are all programmed to pursue what we feel we deserve for our efforts. This is counterproductive to Christianity, and today’s verse provides a great platform to discuss this.

Although it may seem that Paul gives“works” claim to victory, “Excellent standing and great insurance” goes far beyond what we do on this earth. Humanity will fail us through our individual struggles. Even Paul struggled with“doing what he hated…” AAssurance comes from the ambition of our hearts in his name. The fire that burns in us to follow it… to “Go!” wherever He needs us to go.

assurance – a positive statement intended to instil confidence. (

In Christ we are assured of victory! We know that we will end our lives in his arms in heaven. But on the way back, we unlock glory on this earth when we do His will for our lives.

Our positive declaration of faith is in the cross.

The word “trust” is used in the New American Standard Bible in place of assurance, and the original Greek translation of this word invites us to be clear in what we believe and who we follow. Not just clear, but resolutely confident. Not in an arrogant way, but with strong, unshakable faith.

Our assurance is in having so much confidence that we can freely and frankly say that Jesus is our Savior, and that He is the reason we are saved by grace and can be in the presence of God. He is the reason, through his death on the cross, that the very Spirit of God dwells in our hearts to help us throughout this life. And not just to help us skate… to help us soar on the wings of God’s will for our lives.


Praise yourself for the way you weigh the works of our lives. Thank you for the will that fuels the direction of our lives. We confess to clinging and shaking in times of crisis and calm. But God… You’re good to us through it all, and always there for us. Bless us to be more like Jesus each day we walk this earth.

in jesus‘ Name, Amen.

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