Antony compliments Lisandro Martinez profile and reveals messages shared with his Man United team-mate


Antony has been hugely complimentary to his Manchester United team-mate Lisandro Martinez, detailing his style and how it resembles his.

Martinez having already impressed in red, fans will be delighted to see what the Brazilian winger can bring to the table.

Asked about Martinez, Antony praised the man and the player United fans are slowly falling in love with.

“We spent two years together at Ajax. We developed a very strong friendship,” he told the club’s website.

“I have a lot of respect for him and his family that I also knew,

“I’m glad we’re back together to make history,

“He messaged me today and yesterday. He’s a great friend I’ve made in football,

“Now we’re back together and we’ve talked about achieving great things together here.”

When asked to dive deeper into his profile, Antony went into detail about the similar approaches they have towards the game.

“Martinez has his Argentinian style, we know him well,” said the Brazilian.

“I love it and it motivates me to watch him play. The way he competes, the way he plays, he gives his heart and soul on the pitch,

“I have the same personality that he knows me well and knows how I am,

Credit: Manchester United

“I put my body on the line – blood, sweat and tears. If I have to leave the pitch really bad, no problem, it’s my life, it’s my job,

“Looking at Martinez, I know him well, up close. He’s a great player that we can all see, people recognize him, Martinez is a cracker.”

United have missed out on some of that fire and it looks like Antony will only add to what Martinez has offered so far.

The defender is set to start for Erik ten Hag’s side against Leicester City on Thursday night.

Meanwhile, Antony could see his first appearance in the next game against Arsenal at the weekend.


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