Antonio Brown’s rape accuser Britney Taylor met in Bible study


Personal trainer accusing New England Patriots star Antonio Brown of rape is a former gymnast who first met the athlete in a Bible study – and she claims she passed a lie detection test on the alleged attack..

Britney Taylor first met Brown at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes reunion at Central Michigan University in 2010, when she was a freshman and he was a dynamic receiver for the England football team. school, depending on the costume.

“During her first meeting, she was associated with Antonio Brown as a Bible study partner,” reads the bombshell costume, deposited in Florida on Tuesday.

The pair reconnected in June 2017, when Brown, then an All-Pro receiver with the Pittsburgh Steelers, reached out to Taylor on Facebook and asked him to “help him improve his ankle flexibility and strength and of his rapidly twitching muscles, “according to the costume.

Less than a month after their reunion, Brown, 31, allegedly accosted Taylor, 28, barging on her as she changed and kissed him against her will, according to the lawsuit.

Taylor – who at this point was running a gymnastics center for young girls in her hometown of Memphis – thought she had clarified the boundaries of their relationship, and they fell back into their old ways.

“As they had done during their Christian fellowship days in college, they often read scriptures, prayed, or watched services together during training visitation,” according to the costume.

As they watched a religious video less than a month after the first incident, Brown stealthily masturbated behind Taylor and ejaculated on her back, according to the costume, adding that it left Taylor “dismayed, confused and embarrassed.”

The next day, Taylor received a series of profanity-laden texts from Brown firing her – and dehumanizing it.

“Fk your knowledge bitch, I go pro before I even know you!” Brown would have written. “You are a disgrace to little girls, you are a failed gymnast living in the past.”

They eventually reconciled and resumed their professional relationship in May 2018, but shortly after the meeting Brown allegedly “cornered” her and raped her, as he put it, “You know you want this,” according to the suit.

“After several months, the shock, disbelief and denial gave way to overwhelming bouts of anxiety, and Ms. Taylor fell into a deep depression,” the lawsuit says. “She had almost daily panic attacks, frequent suicidal ideation and sleeplessness.

“It was extremely difficult for her to understand that Brown could betray her and rape her so completely. “

The lawsuit says Taylor took a lie detection test confirming her claims about the masturbation and rape allegations.

“Ms. Taylor must have relived the trauma of those events through this exam,” the costume says. “The polygraph exam confirmed her completely truthful account that in June 2017, Brown had ejaculated on her without her consent. and that in May 2018, [sic] Brown raped her.

Brown admitted the couple had consensual sex, but called the lawsuit a seizure of money, a claim reiterated on Wednesday by his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, which covers Pittsburgh, said neither their office nor area police had been contacted about the 2017 forced kiss, which allegedly took place in their jurisdiction.

“Neither the Northern Regional Police Department nor our office has been contacted regarding the 2017 event contained in the federal trial,” said a spokesperson for District Attorney Stephen Zappala.


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