Anti-vaxx Christian fundamentalists slammed after refusing to remove hateful posts


A hardline sect peddling anti-vaxx and homophobic propaganda has been criticized by other Christians.

The Record told how the Christadelphians group in East Kilbride encouraged fans to boycott Covid vaccines.

The group also pushed homophobic messages on its Facebook page.

Their online activities have led to a complaint to charity watchdogs, with calls for them to be stripped of their charitable status.

Cult leader Andrew Brand hit back at our story with the message, “Mainstream Media Attack Christian Group Because They Believe in God.

But his challenge has been met with anger from mainstream Christians.

Ken Chalmers replied, “No, the ‘mainstream press’ didn’t attack you for believing in God. He has “attacked” you for a presence that is absolutely not Christlike.

How Andrew Brand responded to the Record story

“The Bible says nothing about vaccines. But Jesus Christadelphians should believe that his followers expect them to care for others – which ensures that I protect my neighbor from a virus I might be carrying.

“Your posts actually ridiculed the name of Christ.”

Andrew Bucknall posted: ‘I hope the Charity Commission revokes your charity status and the police take all possible action if they consider any of your verbiage to be hate speech.’

David Fenton added: “The more a people throws the Bible in front of them to justify their human weaknesses by falling into these crazy theories, the more the word of God is discredited.

Peter Davies posted: “What a load of nonsense quoting Revelation incorrectly to suit an anti-vaccination
program that is not based on anything biblical, but only on personal ideas or preferences.

The group has been reported to charity regulator OSCR by the UK Secular Society for spreading distorted messages on the internet.

A meme on their website implied that Covid-19 is a hoax.

A Christian anti-Vax group polled.

It displays pictures of the coronavirus alongside the biblical quote: “God will send them a strong delusion, that they may believe a lie”.

Another refers to ‘poison medicine’ – referring to a syringe and a bottle of vaccine.

A meme posted on the group’s Facebook page shows a description of the destruction of the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah with the words “teach kids about LGBT history”.

According to some interpretations, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed as punishment for homosexual activity among their inhabitants.

Brand did not respond to us after we approached him at his home.

A spokesperson for the National Secular Society said: “Some religious charities promote ideologies that may actively harm society. Only organizations that truly provide a public good should be granted charitable status.


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