An entire third year class received full college scholarships and where have we heard of this before?


Students and parents at an elementary school in Arizona burst into applause when they learned that every ninth grader would receive a full scholarship to the college of their choice in the future.

At an assembly last week at Bernard Black Elementary, school district officials announced that the 63 third-graders would receive a full scholarship that would also cover tuition, books, room and board. . The generous donation was fully paid for by the Rosztoczy Foundation and its College Promise program.

“The goal, through the generous officer of this family, is that finances should not be an obstacle, that college should be an option for every third-year student here at Bernard Black,” said the superintendent of Roosevelt School District, Quintin Boyce.

The announcement came as a surprise to the students and their parents, who were overwhelmed by the donation.

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“I just couldn’t hold it back because it just means my son is going to college. I don’t have to think about it. He’s leaving,” parent Brandon Gailliard told the local BNC News.

We have already seen this play out in one of craziest tv episodes all time. Hopefully this time the story will have a different and much happier ending.


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