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The newest addition to the Two Point series Two-point campus is, as the name suggests, a title that puts you in the driver’s seat of a university in its early stages, ultimately giving you full creative control to manage and expand it as you wish.

Passing Two Points Hospital, developer Two Point Studios hung up its scrubs and turned to campus life. Despite the thematic move, however, players familiar with the studio’s previous simulation game will feel instantly at home here, from the style of the menu screen to the familiar user interface. Jumping into your first campus is easy too, with a brief introduction outlining your topics and goals. Seconds after taking the reins, players experience Two Point’s signature charm for the first time, as freshmen begin to enter campus for the first time.

Each campus introduces players to new subjects – and I’m not talking about boring regular classes like English and math. Two-point campus classes are much more fun: I’m talking about archaeology, virtual normality, knight school, sorcery and more. Each subject is introduced in a linear fashion as you unlock more campuses, and once you get used to a subject you can implement it in other campuses by building the necessary rooms to facilitate its teaching . This gives players the freedom to build campuses the way they want, rather than being restricted to specific topics per site. Personally, when trying to complete certain goals in the game, I found it much easier to add one that I already knew to increase average ratings or earn extra money to develop further.

Discover the new Two-point campus play the trailer here:

Throughout your school career, Two-point campus gives you a lot of flexibility to do what you want, rather than getting bogged down in goals. Throughout the game, it feels like there’s no real pressure to level up, which instead focuses your attention on improving grades and building the best campus possible. Zooming out on the map reveals additional plots you can buy and build, so make sure you don’t forget about them as they are invaluable when expanding your education empire. This sense of freedom is crucial for simulation games like this, as you can often find yourself lost in a single scenario for hours or days. For me, getting lost in a game is one of the best feelings, and Two-point campus is no different – there’s so much room to breathe, to go at your own pace, that you can completely lose track of time. As with most management sims, there’s no strong narrative, which makes it even easier to get lost in your creations.

Each campus is ranked on a three-star system, but you can progress through the larger world of Two Point with just one star on each campus. This gives you a good chance to explore different subjects and campuses without having to spend too much time perfecting a campus. That said, if you’re a perfectionist, there are plenty of goals to occupy yourself with until you get three stars on each. Goals vary by scenario: some require an average grade for students to be impacted, others a campus-specific level. Some goals may be more specific depending on the campus – for example, some colder campuses require a lot of heating, so related goals focus on reaching a certain temperature to achieve a star rating.

However, some objectives can seem a bit tedious, especially since Two-point campus likes to occasionally throw in a meteor shower or an earthquake which – surprisingly enough – tends to work against you. I wasted a few hours trying to make sure the campus temperature was warm enough and get my average grade up to B+ on a Hogwarts inspired campus called Spiffinmore. The longer goals can make you fall in love with a campus, and achieving them can sometimes almost feel like a fluke rather than a skill, which is a shame. And because they’re so monotonous, it’s a great relief to be able to move on to the next campus. Upgrading staff is something that happens naturally, but some goals are tied to certain levels of staff, and when staff members have classes scheduled, it can be a long and largely boring process.

Two-point campus has 11 levels in total, with three stars to be awarded on each. Depending on how perfect you are, you might find yourself going through them pretty quickly. Although the number of levels is slightly less than that of Two Points Hospitalthere is still so much to keep you busy in this game compared to the latest release from its creators.

Two Point Campus / Credit: SEGA

The variety of campuses Two-point campus Gradually shifts the focus throughout, with each campus presenting you with new items to unlock with in-game currency Kudosh. One minute you’re on a quaint college campus, and the next you’re in more themed locations, focused on sports, cuisine, or archeology. As your freshmen enroll and enter campus, you can’t help but feel a connection forming, and over the three-year period you will (hopefully) be able to see them progress. As each campus starts small, you will only have a handful of students to manage at first, allowing you to set up facilities to meet their needs. The bond with the students seems much stronger than it was with the patients Two Points Hospital. It really feels like you’re traveling with them, nurturing their notes, and supporting them through their journey with pastoral care.

The freedom that Two-point campus Grants Players unknowingly teaches you about the ripple effects of certain room types on your campus. It’s easy to get into the mindset of creating the ultimate campus and forget about education, but you’ll soon pay the price if you go this route. Finding the balance between education and entertainment is extremely important, otherwise your students will lose interest in the subjects and risk dropping out altogether. It’s fun to play around with, adding extracurricular activities whenever you want to spice up campus life. You can also schedule various events depending on the room – for example, lecture halls can serve as cinema screens, showing romantic or funny films to increase the level of entertainment for students. Meddling with balance can create a bit of chaos, but it’s all part of a day‘s work at Two-point campus.

Two-point campus is a charming yet chaotic management sim with tons of creative freedom. If you liked Two Points HospitalWith its humorous take on the health center environment, you’ll feel right at home in command here, but the game is also incredibly welcoming to newcomers. Although some goals can sometimes be tedious, they are still quite achievable. If education and management simulation games are your thing, you should definitely check it out Two-point campuseven if it’s just to build the ultimate Student Union bar.

Advantages: Welcoming and familiar user interface, signature Two Point charm, lots of creative freedom

The inconvenients: Objectives can sometimes work against you, small level selection

For fans of: Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital, The Sims

8/10: Excellent


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