A man called Will Smith is bombarded with messages on Twitter


A poor guy who has the @willsmith Twitter handle was absolutely bombarded with messages after last night’s Oscars.

In case you managed to miss it – Smith took to the stage at last night’s ceremony to slap Chris Rock after he made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

Rock did a gag in which he compared Pinkett Smith to GI Jane, but Smith didn’t see the funny side and stormed onto the stage before slapping Rock. He then returned to his seat, where he shouted, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth.”

As you can probably imagine, Smith’s dramatic outburst garnered a lot of attention online, with a clip of the incident going viral and Smith’s name trending and thousands of messages being tweeted towards the two men.

Now, you might assume that @willsmith belongs to the Hollywood star – but you’d be wrong.

The Twitter handle actually belongs to another Will Smith who does podcasts and video games for a living.

But, just like the poor guy with the @JohnLewis handle, this Will Smith has found himself receiving tens of thousands of messages that aren’t really for him.

One angry viewer tweeted: “Guess this is what a ‘vessel of peace/love’ looks like in 2022! This is what the #Oscars show should never be. As he fears, I wouldn’t invite @willsmith back. Inappropriate and immature violence should NEVER be acceptable anywhere. Take the high road Will. You didn’t.

Another said: ‘So I’m a big fan of @willsmith but what happened…is way out of line. There should be repercussions.

“Assault is not acceptable. As for @chrisrock… What an amazing man to handle such a scenario and not make it something much worse. I appreciate his response. Really!”

While someone else wrote: “Cancel @willsmith Oscar. Embarrassing @TheAcademy to let him receive an award after assaulting a comedian you hired.

Shortly after the incident, he seemed to realize what was about to happen as he simply tweeted, “Welp.” An hour later, he added, “Oh shit.”

Before continuing with: “Speak frankly, I am not the person with whom you are upset/happy. I do podcasts and video games for a living.

“At the risk of pissing people off at me instead of this other guy, the world would be a better place if we stopped responding to words with violence.”


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