7 Bible messages for children


These 5 minute sermons for kids are short but powerful. They are sure to grab and hold children’s attention while teaching them basic Christian truths. Topics range from salvation and heaven to the Holy Spirit and prayer.

Use 5-minute children’s sermons during adult worship, Sunday school openings, or children’s church. If your church has a preschool or child care program, messages will work great during chapel time. Plus, the 5-minute children’s sermons make wonderful family devotions. So share these object lessons with parents and caregivers, too.

Your dedication to children changes hearts and lives. Thank you for serving the young disciples of Jesus!

We hope that one of these 5 minute sermons for children will be useful to you at your next gathering.

5 Minute Sermons for Kids: 7 Short But Powerful Lessons

Check out these seven easy and impactful 5-minute messages and devotions for children:

1. fully paid

Theme: Jesus paid for everything!

Object: An invoice or contract marked “Paid in full”. (You can even get a rubber stamp and stamp each child’s hand.)

Writing: Romans 6:23

In this children’s sermon, children will learn that Jesus gave his life in full payment for all our sins.

2. Again and again

Theme: God‘s forgiveness and our forgiveness of others

Object: A large assortment of pencils with the erasers all worn out

Writing: Matthew 18:21-22

Children will discover why Jesus wants us to forgive others repeatedly.

3. where is your treasure

Theme: Jesus wants us to focus on collecting treasures in heaven.

Object: A personal collection (50 States Quarters in this example)

Writing: Matthew 6:19-21

In this message, children will discover how to keep their hearts in heaven with God.


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