6 Important Reminders From Gideon’s Life


Why did Gideon tear down the idols?

2. Idol worship is unacceptable

People today can often forget that we worship idols too. They no longer look the same as they did in Gideon’s day. Although we don’t have golden calves in our courts, we hold wealth, status, time and many other things as idols. Anything that separates us from God is an idol.

Gideon lives in a family that has turned away from its God. They worshiped Baal and most likely Gideon as well. Once Gideon realizes that it is the Sovereign Lord speaking, he follows the instruction to dismantle his father’s altar to Baal and the post of Asherah beside it.

God always asks that we tear down the idols in our lives. He asks us not to let anyone or anything come between him and us. Idols were not acceptable then, and they are not now. We cannot serve two masters and we cannot accomplish the work that Christ has for us when we have idols in our lives.

3. We are all unfinished products

The beginning of Gideon’s story paints the image of a frightened, complacent young man hiding from his enemies. Fear crept into Gideon’s heart and into the hearts of all the Israelites. The tribe of Manasseh is weak and Gideon doesn’t seem to have much hope of seeing his life improve. Some readers might even call Gideon a coward.

First, we must consider the age of Gideon. We don’t know the exact number, but we do know that he is the youngest son in his family. Most likely, Gideon still has some growth and learning to do. His faith was weak, but he sought guidance from the Lord.

Not once but three times in the story of Gideon we read of his pleas to God for a sign. Obviously, Gideon guessed what was going on. He wanted to be sure he was interpreting the instructions correctly. Gideon was still growing in his faith, and God was gracious in responding to Gideon’s request for a sign.

What we can take from this is that, like Gideon, we are an unfinished product. Only with God’s guidance can we grow and strengthen our faith.

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