4 Simple Bible Reading Strategies For Reading Plan Dropouts


Do you sometimes envy people who start a Bible reading plan, follow it faithfully, and stick to it until the end? Then they begin the same Bible reading plan the following year and persevere to the end. I’m sorry, I’m just having a hard time doing this. Sometimes I find that I’m halfway on a Bible reading plan, get bogged down and can’t go further.

It created a charge of guilt in my heart because I found myself stuck in the middle of some really good Bible reading spots. It happened to me with some great Bible reading plans – Robert Murray McCheyene, the Bible Eater, and Dr. Horner’s Bible reading plan. All of these plans are built around solid strategies for reading the Bible, but in my personal weakness, I find it difficult to persevere.

I doubt I’m the only person to have this fight. If you struggle like me, here is my advice for you: change it. Instead of choosing just one Bible reading plan, choose a Bible reading strategy, then change what you do when you find yourself stale. After all, what matters is not that we stick to a plan, but that we read the Bible and are changed by it.

Here are four strategies for changing the way you read the Bible.

Photo credit: Unsplash / Timothy Eberly


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