101 Happy Holi Wishes, Messages & Greetings 2022


Holi is an ancient Indian holiday now celebrated around the world, and this Holi year is March 18, 2022. Known for its vibrant colors and jubilant celebrations, this day celebrates the return of spring, the undying love of Radha Krishna and the Good triumphs over evil with the burning of the demon Holika. People make bonfires, perform religious rituals, cook delicious food and play music. The main festival is a beautiful melee of colors, where people play in the streets, splash themselves with colored water and anoint themselves with colored powders.

A key aspect of Holi is the celebration of friendship. Known alternately as the “Festival of Love”, “Festival of Colors” and “Festival of Spring”, Holi is a time to put aside differences and wipe away grudges. This is the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones what they really mean to you. An important part of this is being able to wish those dear to you a happy Holi.

We have compiled a list of 100 Holi wishes, greetings and messages perfect to send anyone who might be celebrating. These celebratory phrases are sure to spark joy wherever they are spoken, and your loved ones celebrating Holi will be touched that you thought of them on this special day. Read on for 100 perfect Holi wishes for any relationship!

101 Happy Holi Wishes

1. Hoping your Holi will be full of friendship and joy.

2. Thinking of you during Holi! Have a blessed day.

3. Holi is a day to make amends and honor friendships. I cherish your presence in my life today and always!

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4. You make my life vibrant with love – Happy Holi!

5. Wishing you a year of light and abundance. Have a fun Holi!

6. I hope your blessings this year will be as many as the colors of Holi!

7. May your Holi be jubilant and full of love.

8. Although we are far apart this year, you are in my heart at Holi and always.

9. Have a happy Holi! I wish you and your family light and love on this Holi.

10. Holi celebrates friendship so it’s the perfect festival for us! I can’t wait to cover you in color.

12. May your Holi bring the warmth and renewal of spring with the turn of the year!

13. Happy Holi! I hope you have lots of gujiya and can celebrate with all your loved ones.

14. You are like family to me. I cherish you at Holi!

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15. Wishing you lots of laughter and fun this Holi.

16. I can’t wait to shower you with love like all the colors of the rainbow during Holi!

17. Holi is an important day for repairing relationships. Can we put aside our feud and celebrate together?

18. Bless Holi to you and your family! I hope all your wishes come true.

19. Wishing you a year full of light, laughter and the playful spirit of Holi!

20. Have a wonderful, colorful Holi!


21. I hope you can get together with your loved ones and celebrate all that is good in the world this Holi!

22. Thinking of you and our love during Holi!

23. Wishing you reap a bountiful spring harvest this Holi!

24. Have a happy Holi! I hope you have a lucky day filled with chance encounters and new love.

25. May your Holi be a break from the stresses of life and a welcome playtime!

26. Holi greetings of endless love and joy!

27. I send you all my best wishes this Holi.

28. Friendship is the key to Holi and always – thank you for yours!

29. Look forward to Holi and enjoy the beautiful colors.

30. May the playful spirit of Holi always live in your heart.

31. I hope your loved ones are close to you this Festival of Love. Have a good Holi!

32. Winter is ending, let’s celebrate! Happy Holi to you and yours.

33. Your smile embodies the spirit of Holi. May your playful and bright spirit continue to flourish this year!


34. May the happiness of Holi light your way.

35. Let Holi’s spirit of forgiveness and friendship guide you through daily life. I am thinking of you on this special day!

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36. I hope you have a special day full of colors!

37. Celebrate with your loved ones today is Holi!

38. Have a vibrant and lighthearted Holi this year!

39. Wishing you happiness today on Holi and always.

40. Your friendship means the world to me—Happy Holi! Let’s celebrate.

41. May you be blessed with love, peace and friendship at Holi!

42. Friends enemies this Holi? Let’s put aside our differences and shower ourselves with colors.

43. Just as the warmth of spring lasts forever, so does our love. Happy Holi!

44. Hoping your Holi is as radiant as you are!

45. You light up my life like the colors of Holi—have a happy day!

46. ​​Here comes a playful Holi and a light year ahead!

47. You are as fascinating as the colors of Holi – have a blessed day!


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48. Hope you feel more loved this Holi. You are in my heart!

49. Happy Holi! So grateful for your presence in my life.

50. May your Holi celebration be beautiful and full of friends and family this year.

51. Happy Holi! May your holidays be as happy as you are.

52. Best wishes to you and yours for Holi.

53. Wishing you a Holi of peace and play in beautiful colors.

54. Holi is a time to celebrate friendship, so let’s celebrate ours! Thank you for all the years I’ve known you.

55. Holi is such a special time of year – enjoy this fabulous day of festivities!

56. Celebrate this Holi by letting go of grudges and letting your playful spirit shine.

57. Let’s celebrate the divine love of Radha Krishna this Holi.

58. I hope every stranger you meet this Holi will become a friend for life.

59. Wishing you and your family endless blessings and joy in Holi.

60. I think of you especially at Holi. Even though we are far from each other, you are always in my heart.

61. As the flowers bloom for spring, love also blooms in our hearts. Happy Holi!

62. May you have a triumphant Holika Dahan around the bonfires and a beautiful color-filled Holi.

63. The beauty of Holi is that it does not discriminate. We are all connected in the colors of the festival, rejoice!

64. May your life be colored with the hues of happiness during Holi!

65. Enjoy the Holi festivities! I wish you much joy.

66. May the hope of Holi fill your heart this year and drive away the gloom of winter.

67. Holi is a time to start over; wishing you a new path of love and forgiveness this Holi.

68. Have a beautiful Holi filled with bright colors and laughter!

69. Wishing you all a blessed Holi, eat lots of mathri and celebrate with friends!

70. Frolic this Holi in the Sea of ​​Colors!

71. Enjoy the music and festivities of Holi.

72. Wishing you a year filled with the dynamism of Holi.

73. Happy Holi! I am thinking of you on this special day.

74. I can’t wait to coat you in color this Holi – get ready!

75. Let’s celebrate our love in the colors of Holi! I look forward to participating in the festivities with you.

76. May your Holi be filled with polished puran and a multitude of colors!

77. Have fun on Holi today and be sure to splash your friends with all the colors of the rainbow!

78. Wishing your Holi to be a special and blessed time for you and your family.

79. I cherish you on Holi and always! Have a beautiful and vibrant day!

80. I hope you feel more loved today at Holi.

81. May your Holi be filled with forgiveness and light the way for you in life.

82. Happy Spring and Happy Holi!

83. Rainbows in the sky are a sign of spring, just like rainbows on Earth are a sign of Holi. Have a festive day!

84. May you laugh until your stomach hurts and smile until your cheeks hurt this Holi!

85. Enjoy the festive day of Holi! I hope you can celebrate with everyone around you.

86. Happy Holi everyone. May your day be filled with understanding and renewed friendship.

87. Wishing you success and prosperity in Holi.

88. May the beauty of Holi always bless you.

89. Hope your life is filled with color on Holi.

90. Wishing you a great family time filled with good food and beautiful colors this Holi.

91. I hope your Holi is as beautiful as you are!

92. I think of you during Holi. Enjoy the colors and the party!

93. Happiest Holi for you and yours. I wish you all a life of joy.

94. May Holi and the return of spring bring blessings to you and your loved ones.

95. Dance and rejoice in the colors of this Holi!

96. I hope Holi will be a time of reflection and love for you this year.

97. May the joy of Holi remain in your life for the coming year.

98. Holi is the rainbow after the winter storm – have a fun day!

99. You light up every room you walk into, just like the colors of Holi!

100. I hope your Holi is full of life and laughter.

101. Happy Holi! I wish you all the joys of the season.

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